Hot is Here. Get in your Healthy Zone!

6 years ago

Good morning!

This is not a post about the weather, although if you happen to live in NYC and like the heat, you may be as blissed out as I am from the last few days. We had a GORGEOUS, hot, SUNNY Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you, Mother Nature!

The hot I am referring to is that little accolade of appreciation for your sizzle, that compliment you go for that explains the 3 inch sandals and for some, the 3 hours in the gym or 3 juices a day. In addition to wanting health, come summer, who doesn't also really want hot?! Do you remember Paris Hilton's hot heard 'round the world? "That's Hot" coming from the Super Rich Socialite Barbie knocked any other forms of praise off the pedestal. It reached the number 1 spot for props. Did you know she trademarked that phrase? Oh, yes.

Cut to 2,011 and hot is it. Again. Looking at everybody from Beyonce's latest video to First Lady Michelle Obama looking hotter than ever in the UK, from Lady Gaga in a sheer cat suit over her underwear for her recent appearance on Good Morning America (good morning is right) to the royal Middleton sisters, If once upon a time Coke was it, now, HOT IS IT.

What I have to admit is that hot definitely feels attached to my body -- both how it looks and the kind of shape it's in. I feel hot when I'm at or very close to goal weight, when I'm working out a lot and when I wear clothes that are sexy or may not be what everybody else is wearing stylewise, but look great on me. Certainly doing things I'm passionate about helps the hot quotient, since my blissy buzz turns can turn to confidence, but I have to admit there is more of a focus on the external.

I was hoping I can write a post that offers up hot as a mindset. As if it can come entirely from within and that it is a decision, a choice, an attitude. One that is available on any day at at any size, right? Yet, as I sit here writing, my own hotness in dispute with my soul and spirit, both of which don't understand what the hell I'm talking about, I have to just admit how much of it really does feel like while happiness may be an inside job, hot feels is an outside job.

I think I have a few things to learn!

I'm sure I've effectively been sucked into some societal pressures, I know. A part of me wishes I had the kind of attitude of indifference -- aren't they usually the ones who are most hot?! A cool, I don't care attitude can be incredibly sexy -- that some people have but I don't. Did the Buddha worry about his belly while under the Bodhi tree? Doubt it.

So, how to stay in your Healthy Zone when the heat is on? Here are a few tips I'm practicing, offering and learning:

*Exercise really does help get your body into shape. From yoga to cardio, strength conditioning to balance, it ALL helps and positively contributes to not just getting in shape but improving your shape. So, do it, enjoy it but don't overdo it.

*Wanting to be fit and trim is a healthy impulse but the drive to be too thin or achieve thinness vis a vis restricting and creating calorie deficits too large to support your activity is not. If the latter is coming on, you may want to talk to someone for some support to stay in your Healthy Zone.

*No matter where you are or how much you weigh, you CAN feel comfortable and beautiful in your body NOW. You don't have to wait to reach the weight you desire, for that magic number on the scale to wake you up and get you out of bed in the morning in a good mood. Dress well for the body you have now.

*Be persistent and support yourself by allowing missteps and getting back on your plan pronto. I find it easier to eat healthy in the summer with the abundance of fruits and vegetables. The hot temps actually suppress my appetite and all the sunshine keeps my low moods at bay, it really does. BUT, there is still temptation everywhere, from weddings to BBQ's and long weekends, so stay mindful and focused on what you've got to do to stay on course.

*Praise your body. Really, talk to yourself and love, affirm and appreciate what a miracle your body is today.

*If you have a goal and a plan, that is ALL you need! The inspiration for achieving and reaching your goal weight and getting into the kind of body that you feel great in doesn't come from comparing yourself to others. It comes from affirming YOU and keeping the focus on your own progress.

Do you have anything to add? I'd love to know what's working for you!

With love,

Lindsay Davis is an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor. She teaches the revolutionary intenSati workout at Equinox Fitness, in Central Park, at retreats and in various other locations. She is available for private coaching and classes. For more info, please email

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