Herpes Treatment - Is This Really a Herpes Cure

9 months ago
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Surprisingly, people have been privately suffering and shunning from sex due to doctors' warning messages concerning herpes. Evidently, a majority of people believe that herpes has no cure. However, Sarah Wilcox in her eBook “Get Rid of Herpes” provides a natural cure for herpes. Her remedies are convincing since they seem to have worked to her when she was battling with the disease.
Precisely, herpes is a viral and contagious disease transmitted mainly through sexual intercourse. The disease is transmitted through a Herpes Simplex virus Type 2 (HSV2). Apparently, it is the most spreading disease globally because symptoms are rarely noticeable and can be felt when the immune system is weak. Majorly, the disease attacks the oral and genital organs. This article aims at putting herpes symptoms into the limelight and suggests possible medication. 
The common herpes symptoms
Although herpes symptoms do not last for long, here are some of the possible signs
  • You notice painful rashes and sores around the mouth or genitals
  • Pain during urination
  • Muscle aches and headaches are common
  • General body weakness
  •  Burning sensation is felt around the blisters. The sores and blisters last for a short while. However, they may recur after some time.
  • Vaginal discharge in women
Herpes treatment
Sarah Wilcox's book contains details that can help you do away with the belief that herpes is incurable. Her book focuses on simple procedures that herpes victims can follow to recover completely without buying expensive and ineffective medicines. The book clearly explains what herpes really and how to eliminate rashes from your body parts. Significantly, it enumerates systematic processes and Sarah’s secrets of triumphing against the disease.
Generally, herpes can be checked through:
  • Eating a balanced diet at all times. Wilcox suggests foods rich in Lysine. Foods like chicken, fish, turkey, legumes and vegetables are very beneficial to a victim of herpes
  • Eating foods cooked with natural ingredients. Avoid foods with a lot of fats, sugars as they may worsen the situation
  • Maintaining high standards of body hygiene. Bathing regularly facilitates herpes cure since it discourages multiplication of the virus
  •  Olive oil can be a good medication for herpes since it moisturizes the skin and speeds up healing of the sores.
  •  Echinacea is a widely used medicinal plant. Its leaves, roots, and flowers have an antiviral characteristic. Thus, it boosts the immune system and cure herpes respectively.
  • Finally, prevention is better than cure. Avoid unprotected sex and irresponsible kissing
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