Health & Wellness Bloggers: I want YOU (for my Google Reader)

8 years ago

As a BlogHer contributing editor, part of my job is to link to other women bloggers. So when I decide to write about a particular topic, I spend a great deal of time searching for other women who have also blogged about that topic. And that can be very time consuming.

Since beginning to blog in 2007, I have been told that using RSS feed readers is very helpful. But it mostly seemed overwhelming to me. How could I possibly keep up with all of the posts on the reader? But then a few weeks ago, another contributing editor mentioned that I could use the Google Reader to search topics (making it easier for me to find links for my posts). In other words, if I loaded up my Google Reader with Health & Wellness blogs by women, I could then search those blogs for topics as I need them for my posts.

To be honest...It really seemed too good to be true. But to my surprise and delight it was very true. I started almost immediately to compile health & wellness blogs from the BlogHer Health & Wellness blogrolls. And so far I have about thirty-five Health & Wellness blogs written by women.

That's where YOU come in.

Are you a health & wellness blogger? Are you a mommy blogger who also writes about health & wellness issues? Do you write about your personal experiences with chronic health problems? Dieting? Fitness? Nutrition? Women's Health? Health News?

If so...I want to add YOU to my Google Reader, so I can link to your blog in future posts for BlogHer. Whether you've just started writing your blog last month or last year, I want to add you to my reader. Just check the list below, and if your blog isn't already on that list - leave me your link in comments.

Not only will you be doing me a HUGE favor by giving me your link to add to my reader, but you might want to consider making your own Google Reader of women bloggers that you can link to in your own posts. Because if you're going to be linking to another blog anyway...Why not have it be another blog written by a woman?

Here is the list of blogs that are already on my Google Reader. Are you on the list?

  1. A Life Less Sweet
  2. A Merry Life
  3. Almost Frugal
  4. Blue Coffee Mug
  5. Breast Cancer and Me
  6. Broccoli Cupcake
  7. Chronic Chick Talk
  8. Down The MS Path
  9. Fit After Thirty
  10. Green and Natural Parenting Blog
  11. Guide To Life For Women
  12. Super Healthy Kids
  13. Help-4-Mom
  14. Journey To Lose 200 Pounds
  15. Let's Get Fit
  16. Life In The Autoimmune Lane
  17. Love Healthy Living
  18. Menopause - The Blog
  19. Middle-Age Sexy
  20. Migraine Chick
  21. Mother's With Cancer
  22. My Year Without Sugar
  23. Normal Eating Blog
  24. Orlando Holistic Health Examiner
  25. Overflowing Brain
  26. Paging Dr. Thornton
  27. Pain In The Mom
  28. Perfect In Our Imperfections
  29. Rachel's Road
  30. Radioactive Girl
  31. Reasonably Well
  32. Run, Eat, Repeat
  33. Shrink to Fit
  34. Somebody Heal Me
  35. The ICI Experience

If you are not already on this list, please leave me your link in comments.

For more information on Google Reader you can check out The Official Google Reader Blog - Google Reader For Beginners...

The Google Reader Team is proud to introduce several new help resources designed specifically at introducing beginners to using Reader: Google Reader Help Videos and the Google Reader Getting Started Guide, both accessible directly from our Help Center.

When it comes to the titles you give your posts, try to make them as 'search friendly' as possible. Melanie Nelson has written a great post on Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tactics...

The importance of post titles.

  • As you write the title for your post, consider whether it draws your readers in and makes them want to read more. This is not only important for SEO, but if you're only publishing partial feeds, the title may be the only bait you have to lure readers to your site.
  • Does the title include key words about the concept of the post? I would suggest listing your post titles alone to see how descriptive or engaging they are without your writing to back them up. Does each title accurately describe what the reader can expect from the article? If not, try re-writing the title.

Also See:

In the Google Reader world, the reader search feature is old news (although new to me). But there are new Google Reader features you may also find interesting.

Google Reader Adds Easy Sharing and other features...

I read a lot of online publications, and I like to share interesting articles with clients and friends on Twitter. If you use Google Reader to browse RSS feeds, as I do, it’s now easier to post links to news articles you’ve found in Google Reader to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Digg.

Use social networks effectively...

Use RSS feeds to follow what the members of your network are doing. The folks who run the social networks want you to visit their web sites, of course, but I find it more convenient to follow the activity of my connections through an RSS reader.

Here are some BlogHers sharing their Google Readers....

What do you think about Google Reader? Do you use it? Did you know you could search topics within your own reader? Do you have a health & wellness blog that I can add to my reader and link to in future posts?  Don't forget to leave me your link in comments.  Thanks.

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan

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