Going Vegan

4 years ago

file00086043211   I have been thinking about going Vegan for a while now. I have been watching the documentaries, reading the articles on going Vegan, and I think I am ready. The great thing about this, is my wife is willing to go vegan too. That will make this much easier. Although she says she still will want eggs from time to time, that is pretty close. Me on the other hand I am going to go full vegan.
Our house is not that far away from being vegan right now. We eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and our biggest challenge is milk. I have already tried soy milk, and I prefer it to milk. We do use a lot of cheese, but there are vegan options for this as well. Every now and than though we like to eat nachos and cheese. Thankfully we found a humus that tastes just like Nacho cheese. The humus is from Sabra, their roasted red pepper humus. This stuff is amazing. I like plain humus, but now that I have this flavor, I do not think that I will want regular humus again. Other then these, I do not see too much of a challenge for our family to be vegan.
Like most people the biggest reason for me wanting to go vegan is to lose weight. I have been gaining weight due to a decrees of activity, and an increase of eating. I guess that is how it normally goes. Everything points to what I am eating that is helping speed up the weight gain. While I am not obese, I am on track for being there if I do not change my eating habits. With added weight, I increase my chance of heart problems. I also notice that I have less energy then what I used to have. I also feel that I have a higher anxiety level then what I used to. All in all, I am excited to start feeling good and awake again.
As I venture down the path of a Vegan, I will be giving updates on how I feel. Also I will be posting the recipes that I will be eating. There should be a lot of ups and downs going down this path. From what I hear the first three weeks will be the toughest. Experts say that in the first few weeks your body will tell you that it is hungry and it needs to eat. So I will just munch on some carrots or other veggies. The one great thing that I have going for me is that I quit smoking. So If I kicked that bad habit, changing my eating habits should a little easier. If anyone has any suggestions, or tips please feel free to leave me a comment, or send me an e-mail at growingpatchblog@gmail.com. I am very excited about this change.
This is going to be a journey,

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