Goin Lo-Co

6 years ago

Changing to a low cholesterol lifestyle (read the About Me page for WHY I have to change) feels, well, totally daunting.

I started with good intentions and high hopes.  How hard could it be?  My first step of course was to google ‘low cholesterol.’  After repeatedly mis-typing 'cholesterol' I finally got some results - but they were disappointing.

All google pointed me to were diets for sale, a lot of medical jargon, and loads of disparate and very basic info about proper diet for lowering cholesterol:  cut out animal fats and start eating oatmeal, grains and fruits/veggies.  Plus exercise daily.  Daily!  Oh the horror.

But I know all that food info like cutting out red meat already...we all KNOW that. The question is: how are you supposed to actually DO that? Where do you start?  It almost feels like you have to go vegan or something – and that is just way too dramatic to be realistic, at least for me. Especially w/ an underweight teenage boy who would like to eat steak every day… and chooses no food rather than, oh, say chicken, if no beef is available.

So, I’m determined to see if I can bring down my cholesterol on my own.  Because I REFUSE to go on Lipitor at age 47 without a fight.  While it may turn out that I have to go on a statin – everyone in my family eventually does — there is just no way I’m going to go on meds unless I’ve tried everything first.  

What I need is to find a way to overhaul my/our family’s eating habits.  A way that does NOT require spending hours/day planning meals or cooking.  A way that does not require me to cook entirely separate beef meals for my son – and maybe, just maybe, could shift his eating habits the tiniest bit.

I’ve got four months to make progress — before my doctor insists on a statin.  Four months to research, learn and implement a new Lo-Co lifestyle.  (OK, it’s a stretch, I know… but I can’t keep typing ‘cholesterol’ and loco is how I feel right now, so I’ve invented “Lo-Co” as shorthand for Low Cholesterol.)

Four months to my next fasting blood test.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping that keeping my mind and fingers busy with this blog will keep me away from the Phish Food ice cream… let’s hope so, because I bought THREE pints on Thursday …and haven’t yet tossed them out!

Going Lo-Co is a blog about one (regular) woman's journey to lower cholesterol without medication via food and lifestyle changes and the crazy things that happen along the way.  Read more at www.golowcholesterol.com

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