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We all can get discouraged….Especially if we have tried over and over and met up with failure….Discouragement happens in everyone’s lives from time to time if they are pursuing anything that is truly worthwhile……When we meet up with discouragement what do we do? Do we give up? Do we keep on going?

When discouragement happens we simply have to give ourselves a moment or two to feel the way we are feeling….Not to deny that feeling, but also not to live in that feeling for very long. I think a little of “feeling sorry” for ourselves is not always a bad thing….but I think to live in that ongoing is not a good thing…

Once one has past the “feeling sorry” for themselves stage then it is time to get back up, brush oneself off, and get back out there with a solid and even better plan……Sometimes we have to change our goals, sometimes we simply have to refine our goals, and sometimes we have to create a new map to get to our goals….

Life is about ups, downs, ins and outs……but it is also about Successes…..When we are discouraged we have to look back at our successes in life we have accomplished and know that everyone including ourselves will meet up with discouragement from time to time….The key is to never  to give up on a positive lifestyle….for a positive and happy lifestyle is not linked to just one situation…..A positive lifestyle is linked to many wonderful and different situations in life…..And so when one dream or goal does not work out there are still lots more different ones that will….



I simply do not like cars I cannot easily get out of…….I love a friends  sportscar, but it sits kind of low, and trying to gracefully get out of it just does not work for me…..I simply look awkward getting out of her car as I try to squirm out of my seat upwards…..rather than downwards say out of a pickup truck. I look far more graceful getting out of my pickup truck than I do getting out of her sports car…..



I grew up believing in Angels….That we were always being watched over by Guardian Angels we could not see….and also a second kind of Angel in the form of Earthly people that simply enter our lives to protect us and also connect us to where we need to be….I believe that others can fill the place of Angels and we can do Angel work ourselves here on Earth even when we are not aware we are doing it….

I believe in Angels Unaware….That truly Divine Angels can be watching over us helping us in areas that we simply could not work entirely through on our own without some form of help. I believe that God also uses people to do Angel work here on Earth….People that are placed in our lives sometimes for a moment and sometimes for a lifetime…..

And yes, those Angels that are written about in the Bible…Do they exist….? Yes, I truly believe they do….I have never actually seen one….but I just truly believe they are there watching over my life and those I love….I don’t always understand how they work or their reasoning….but I simply believe in Angels…..

I like to think that when I need help….I simply tilt my head upwards and request from God to please send me his fleet of Angels to watch over me and mine…..Calling All Angels….




What do we do when someone we trusted turns on us? Deceives us in ways that we simply did not expect? What happens? How do we deal with such betrayal….? How do we deal with the devastating knowledge that someone we trusted knowingly turned on us?

It is never easy to deal with betrayal….First, comes shock…the shock that someone could even do such a thing to us….Second, come hurt…the deep sadness that comes with betrayal….Sometimes anger comes into play…an emotion that none of us like….Third comes trying to figure out how to deal with the fallout of the betrayal….And last we have to come to some kind of resolution about it all….We go through stages…

Betrayal is rarely about us…..but it does directly affect us….It is almost always about the other person and their ethics……Most often betrayal is done for what they believe is to their benefit….Betrayal is always done with lack of caring in some way towards us…Otherwise they would not betray us….

It takes time to deal with the emotional fallout and overall fallout of betrayal…It is best to simply not try to understand it all in the beginning because much of betrayl cannot be understood beyond the person choosing to do so for whatever their reasoning was…..We should never feel “less than” in any way….And in most ways and most of the time betrayal is simply a sign that that relationship is likely to have ended at least the way it was…..





I have always said prayer before meal (even when out and about) and I have always said my bedtime prayers even now…..At night I kneel by my bed and thank the Lord for the day….Yes, prayer has always been a part of my life and it always will be….For to me prayer connects me to God….my Infinite Source of Everything that is good….and that is where I want to be connected…

My prayers are generally pretty simple and not lavish….I don’t think God expects me to be on my knees for hours, although I do hear about some people who do so….I don’t make big promises to GOD while on my knees and sometimes I really don’t even talk much in my prayers….I simply listen….It is my time for gratitude and listening as well as praise…Prayer time to me is simply my time to connect with God in whatever ways he also chooses to connect back to me……

I believe in the power of prayer….That when two are gathered together (even over the phone) that somehow there is so much power in that….It is sort of prayer magnified…..I have had many prayers answered the way I wanted and many unanswered prayers….or at least prayers I thought were unanswered….but later I realize they truly were answered….in the way God saw best for my life….

Yes, I believe in the power of prayer….




I believe in Faith…..Faith that truly God is working in our lives in ways we can’t always see or predict. I believe that Faith has sustained me through my best of times keeping me pointed in the right directions and has sustained me through some of my most difficult moments in life…..Yes, my faith is more valuable than gold….

I can’t imagine a life without it…..Faith….I simply don’t know what people exist on when times get tough or when they are reaching for something that is so out of their reach that wihtout it they would give up. Yes, I don’t know how people who live without faith even exist….but that is my opinion…

Faith is one of those internal spiritual things that simply one who has had it feels empty without it….Faith is the fuel that gets us to where we want to go….Yes, Faith….something I cherish…..



When life’s storms come it can rock one’s world….It can mess up the best laid plans….Some storms come without any notice while other storms simply creep up over time and we could see them ease their way into our lives..Either way we don’t like storms……And either way there simply is no way we can avoid them in many cases….

How does one deal with an oncoming storm they can see coming versus a storm that they couldn’t see coming that simply came out of “nowhere….?....How does one deal with anykind of storm….?

Storms are simply things that we must endure. They have a time frame. Storms do not last forever, although some storms last longer than others…The bigger the situation the bigger the storm…..We simply have to anchor ourselves the best way we can….We have to hold on….We have to think smart every step of the way….We have to pray all the way….and we have to hold onto our faith that we will get through the storm…..

When we come out from the storm we will often find that what we went into the storm with is gone or changed….We will also find that we are changed from the storm….It may seem that it has changed us for the worst….but most often given time it actually somehow changed us in many ways for the better. The storm taught us what not much else could have taught us….About ourselves and others….

It is often through storms that we realize who is truly important in our lives….It is often we find out whom we can depend on in life and whom truly we could not…..We find out how strong we truly are during a storm….We simply find out what we would not have found out otherwise….

Living through a major storm changes a person…..That is the way storms work…Yes, many a storm we can avoid by simply getting out of it’s way….but the ones we can’t we simply have to hold on till we get through it…




Sometimes in life we simply have to GO FOR IT….Simply make up our minds that “this is what I want to do” and then go out and make it happen. Sometimes there simply is not a perfect time to go for our dreams or what we want in life. Sometimes we simply have to make the decisions and simply set sail on our journey to where it is we want to go…

There are simply times in life we come to a crossroads…..When our dream is in front of us and our past is somewhat behind us and we are at the moment in our present….There are times we simply say “I am going for my dream….” And we go for it…..

How do we know when to go for it and when to wait or not go for it….Everyone is different and every situation is different and everyone has to decide what is best for themselves…..but there are simply those moments in most people’s lives where they do come to that crossroad where the past, present, and future all meet….and one decides to GO FOR IT….!



I often talk about how we should sometimes exit relationships that are not right for our lives or ones that are simply not overall living up to our expectations….but I don’t really talk much about “dumping our situations” that aren’t giving us what we want……I like to not settle for “it’s not good enough…” Instead I like to settle for “Great…”

So often we settle for places and situations that simply are mediocre and not giving us what we are giving to it……It can be in the form of a job, a church, a volunteer group, a restaurant, a movie theatre, or almost any place or situation we routinely put ourselves in…..Sometimes we simply accept mediocre when we could be accepting great….

A friend of mine called me the other day to say that she wasn’t all that happy with her church….That they sort of ignored her when she had been sick….and just felt like she was always giving, but the minister simply catered to the big money tithers and the ones that were more limited on their giving financially he ignored…..And since I know that minister and how he is I did agree with her…..and so I simply asked her why she continued there? She said she really didn’t know what other church to go to…..To me I would much rather not go to any church and leave a temporary void till I found one that fit my needs. Not looking for perfection….but looking for what fits my overall needs….I simply don’t like settling for mediocre when I don’t have to.

Looking at situations we routinely use or go to and deciding how they rate in our lives are keys to deciding if we want to continue them or not….Not all situations do we want to get out of entirely just because they don’t meet many of our needs. We have to use discernment in our decision making anytime we make decisions….And yet, when something is not giving us what we want it is smart to look at it closely and see if there are better options to be found…

I simply don’t waste my time where I am not getting the best I can get in life….I want to be around people who love and appreciate me as well as show it….Since I give so much to the world….I also love getting it back…..I believe for me personally to Dump situations that simply are not the best for my life….




There is always going to be someone who tries to confuse another….Tries to distort the truth….and sometimes they are really good at doing so….Anyone who intentionally tries to confuse another is almost always doing it for selfish purposes…..

An Enemy almost always uses confusion as a method to obtain what they want to obtain….And it usually is through their words that they have the most success……It is easy to get a person confused with words….and an “enemy” always know that……If you aren’t confused the people around you can get confused leading to problems….

I am always alert to those trying to confuse me intentionally or  unintentionally....Confusion is a method that some use to get what they want....



So Many of the best things in life are truly free or almost free…People try to find happiness by accumulating lots of material things when in fact most of that happiness is only temporary anyhow but the payments are not…..The debt people get into to get their  "happiness fix" can really create a lot of unhappiness in the long run….If only they had known that most of the great things in life are not expensive at all…..

So much of what is wonderful in our lives is free or almost free…..Some of the best things in life simply are right where we are at. Those things can be the people we love, the places we live, the nature we are around….sights, sounds, great health….just so many things that we all simply take for granted day in and day out….

Begin to look around you at what is free in your life that is wonderful….I imagine you will come up with a whole long list…..



Enjoy what is around you now…..So often people are so busy with life they forget all that is wonderful and beautiful in their lives at the present moment…….So often people are so blessed with so much wonderful and yet their minds are fixated on what is wrong in their lives….Take the time to Enjoy what you have worked  so hard for in life….Enjoy it Now…



Life is full of stresses….We all meet up with different stresses in life…And if we are not careful the stresses of life fill up the plate of life rather quickly…For that reason it is best to take off a stressor anytime one adds one….Too many stresses or problems in life can defeat a person and put their lives into crisis if they are not vigilent…..Sometimes the best way to deal with problems is to GO FISHING…..

I like to think of GOING FISHING as anything that truly relaxes me….For some people it can be a walk in the park….for others it could be golfing…..while others may simply paint a painting….We all have our personal ways to relaxation and it is important we know what provides that balance to an out of balanced life…..

I love to go fishing…..It is sort of a boring type of thing to do….To sit there and wait to catch a fish….and yet, it is also relaxing….something that calms my mind and soul…..Sometimes we simply need something that calms us and it can be amazing how we destress as well as come up with solutions to probems….

Find your own way of GOING FISHING and you may find your own way of solving a problem you didn’t know how to solve……



Lets face it….there is always someone who is going to try to swindle somebody out of something….It is just simply the way it is….The world is filled with good people who swindlers prey upon……Swinders come in every walk of life….They come in almost any form……Often people simply want something for nothing…..and they go after the people that they think they can get it from…..

Smart people who are also good people simply are alert to swindlers….and yet even smart people can be taken by con artists of the world……That is why people need to keep their guard up when it comes to what is important to them……

When we have something of value in our lives from the possessions we  own to our relationships to almost anything else it is important to be watchful over what we have…..There is always going to be somebody who would love to have what we have…..without working for it…



A friend called me the other day and was telling me her whole list of things she had to do that day….How she was going here and there and then over there and back to there and then added about another 20 things she had to do that day. I got tired simply listening to her….It sounded exhausting and defiantly not fun….Why in the world is someone taking on so much? Why would someone rush from one event or thing to the other….Is all of it necessary or self-created?

I truly think she is not the only one who does this…Rushing from one thing to the other.  Overstacking her plate of life to the point of making herself want to throw up is not my idea of a happy life....

Consider taking stressors off your plate of life for everyone you add.......






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