The Glass Slippers of Walking

4 years ago
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Ok, let’s start this thing called walking.  Now all I need is my glass slipper for walking right.  I can do this.  I have some tennis shoes that I can wear till I get some new ones.  Let’s get out there and go.  


Come on lets get serious here.  I get out there and see all these people who are walkers or runners and they have the coolest shoes ever!  I want shoes like that!  I want to look cool while I huff and puff to a healthier me!  I don’t want to wear my lame black Wal-Mart shoes.  I want to be the cool walker.


What to do, what to do?  Go to the internet!  Yep, I ordered some shoes and I am super excited for them to get here.  I am going to be the cool walker now.  


Oh the agony of having to wait for them to come in.  Why must I wear these lame ratty slippers?  I am ready for my glass slippers to come in!


Finally the day arrives.  I get the call from dad.  UPS has dropped off my perfect glass slippers!!  Yes, I am now the cool walker and can not wait to get them on.  When I get inside I put them on right away.  Perfect fit!!  My glass slippers are a perfect!  Yes, my walking is going to be even better now.  I will be able to walk faster, surpass my mileage, go where I never dreamed I could go before.


The next morning I put them and out the door I go.  First lap, yes they are doing great.  I feel great.  My glass slippers are amazing.  Second lap comes around.  Wait, my glass slipper feels like it is a little loose.  It is sliding up and down on my heel.  Not a problem, I will tie my laces a little tighter.  There that is better.  Now on to my third lap.  This so does not feel right, my heels are getting a little sore.  Yes, this fat girl who thought she was on top of the world has realized that her glass slippers were not broke in yet.


Not a problem.  We will put bandaids on the heels and just keep getting at it.  I also decide to ask my #MADStreakers for advice on the situation.  Did I make the right decision on my glass slippers?  What should I do?  Then I hear from Darth Moose.  He tells me that I am wearing the wrong socks.  The cotton socks I am wearing are not right to walk or run in.  Told me to ask our buddy Josh.  Josh agreed and said that Darth Moose said it would even make us taller.  Yeah right, I trust Darth Moose, but I just don't know about that one!  (It was a joke.  I know!)  So he gets my address and tells me he is going to send me some of these amazing socks.  Yep, I’m still waiting, but he has promised they were shipped this week!  On the lookout ole Darth one!


My wonderful husband saw the post and what does he do?  He goes and gets me the type of socks all of our friends were telling me that I needed to wear with my glass slippers.  They are AWESOME!  Such cool colors.  Wow I can color coordinate with my workout clothes.  This is amazing!  Then I look at the price!  What?!?!  Am I actually reading that right?  You mean to tell me you paid that much for those socks?  OMG, I can’t get over it!  But you know something, they fit and feel amazing!  My feet don’t get sweaty like with the cotton socks.


He also gets me some arch supports because I am as flat footed as ever.  So these are going to make me even better.  I will wear my amazing walking socks with the arch supports in my glass slippers!  This is going to be great.  Then it happens.  My left foot starts giving me this problem.  It feels like it is hard to bend and the pain goes up the front of my leg.  My foot actually feels like lead and is so heavy to lift up.  Yep, I was told it sounds like I have encountered this amazing thing called a shin splint.  Trust me, not so amazing.  I can’t believe how bad this is.  


What do I do?  Well, of course all of my friends and supporters tell me it may be my shoes.  What?  What are you saying?  My glass slippers are not perfect for me?  But I love these shoes!  I want to wear these shoes!  I ordered these shoes and anticipated the day they would get here.  I was like a kid at Christmas opening a present when I opened that package.  


My friends inform me that not every new walking shoe is right for every person.  They tell me that I need to go to a speciality store so the employees can watch me walk and help fit me for the walking shoe that is right for me.  Well, I haven’t had time to do this so I have to take matters into my own hands till I can get fitted.


I take the inserts out of my precious new walking shoes and try walking in them again.  Nope, the shoe seems to heavy and it still causes me huge problems.  Well, lets go back to the old black cheap Wal-Mart shoes.  Being flat footed, this did not help either. My feet tend to roll inward when I walk so this is not helping me.  Next is to try and put the arch supports into my old shoes and try that.  Can you believe it?  It worked!  I was able to walk without a problem at all.  Feet didn’t roll in, my foot didn’t get heavy, and my shins did not hurt.


So, what is the perfect glass slipper of walking?  Well, that one my friends is something that you will have to find out on your own.  Your glass slipper is something that you will have to try out and try to get help from professionals.


Can you believe it?  After all the anticipation of waiting on my new walking shoes to get here, MY glass slippers for walking are my old black Wal-Mart shoes with the arch supports.