Getting Back in the Swing of Things

4 years ago

Zero pounds lost.  Dang.  It would have been so affirming to see that scale drop down again, but it didn't.  Luckily I knew that the second week of being back on track is notorious for not showing the effort.  Still - I wouldn't have minded.

It was a good week last week.  I logged my foods.  I exercised Monday through Friday for 40-45 minutes each day.  I took my vitamins in the evening.  I did good things wiht my kids and I did good things with work.  We had a tamale party on the weekend and made chicken mole, quesadillas (for the kids) and two types of tamales as well as a pie de limon and chocolate snickerdoodles with cayenne.  Oh - and a pinata.  It was a downright feast and everybody had a great time.  And I had a great time and let myself eat as I wished, but overall, I didn't eat that much.

I had a good serving of chicken mole with brown rice, two small tamales, two small cookies, one slice of pie (hmmm - this isn't sounding like I was eating in moderation, but believe me, for me, I was in major moderation).  I also had a glass of wine and a bottle of beer, but I didn't finish either.  I think I did pretty darn okay.

So now it's Monday and I'm exactly where I was weight-wise last Monday, but I'm such a healthier person.

Last Wednesday, Friday and today I ran three miles on the treadmill.  Each time I increased my base speed and the length of my faster speed.  Today I did my first mile and a half at a 4.5 pace and then bumped it up to 5.0 for the remaining.  Within that remaining mile and a half I bumped it up to 6.0 and 7.0 for little spurts.  Those spurts felt great.  They also felt long, but they felt great.

I hope to get my base speed back to 5.0 mph which is a 12 minute mile.  If I could do that, then I could do a 5K in 36 minutes.  If I could do a 5K in 36 minutes comfortably, it would then be fun to see what I could do with some bursts of speed or increased base running speed.  I'm hopeful.  It's fun.

I'm also considering making some changes in the timing of my food.  There have been two studies in the paper that have peaked my interest.

The first was a study done on mice, thus it doesn't necessarily mean it would have the same outcomes on humans, but it intrigues me.  It's a study that found that mice fed the same amount of calories and types of food who only ate during 8 hours of the day lost more weight than mice who feasted on those foods more hours.  The idea is that if you fast 16 hours (at least 8 of those hours while you sleep), you give your body a chance to rebuild itself and clean itself up.  I don't like breakfast when I wake up so waiting a few hours isn't a big deal.

However, I often eat dinner or have a drink close to 8pm.  If I stopped my food at 6pm and didn't eat until 10am, I'd have a 16 hour fast.  I semi-tried it and the thing I liked was that by 10 am, I was hungry!  I had stomach grumblings and it felt good.  It felt healthy.  But, 16 hours is a hard one to pull off on a daily basis.  I'm more apt to pull off a 14 hour fast and I think I'm going to try it out and see what I think.  I don't plan to be a good test subject because I'm sure I will stray.  I have plenty else on my plate so this is not a priority, but more something I'm dabbling with.

The other study was one I saw just today in the New York Times.  Two groups of people were compared who ate the same amount of calories, types of foods and exercised the same amount.  The group who ate the biggest chunk of their calories before 3pm lost more weight than the group that ate their big chunk of calories later in the day.

I eat a piddly breakfast and a piddly lunch so that I can "save" my calories for dinner.  What if I have it backwards?

I like doing the hard work early so I can fall apart later, but I do wonder if my body and energy would be better served by having my "dinner" at the noon hour and my measly 200-300 calorie "lunch" in the early evening?

I'd like to test it out.  I did today, but today was easy.  We had great leftovers in the fridge and I wasn't going to be home during dinner time because I needed to go teach a class.  To pull this one off, I'm going to need the support of my husband and I'm going to have to intentionally plan things.  We'd have to cook ahead or I'd have to cook in the mornings. 

It does fascinate me and I do wonder if I'd like the changes.  To implement is a different story.  And that's where I'm at!  Off to bed to wake up early to head to the gym and do a Jillian DVD.  Fun times.  Ha.

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