A Gallon Ziploc of Veggies

4 years ago

On the airplane, I sat next to an overweight man in his 50's.  He wasn't super big, but just that kind of regular overweight that so many people seem to be.  Stuffed into the seat pocket he had a GALLON size ziploc filled with carrots and broccoli.  That kinda tipped me off that he was trying to lose weight.

The flight took off and he reached into his bag and ate a few pieces, read a bit and fell asleep.  Good for him.  But when the cart came by, he purchased a cookie.  That's a good 300 calories I bet.   I felt for him.

Being overweight happens so easily.  Losing weight is so hard.  I think it must be quite hard for me who don't get to talk about it so easily with friends.  And, just like women, some men are quite fit and in good shape and some are quite rotund and out of shape.  However, I sometimes think there is more acceptance for the overweightness in men.  It's okay to be overweight.  It's normal.  But in women, it seems to really hurt people's perceptions of you - or at least you of yourself.  

The media slams women all the time for being overweight.  It doesn't happen to men.  And the fitness industry targets women with zeal.

So, crazily enough, I think it must be hard to be an average Joe who wants to lose weight because the gyms and the fitness magazines don't really talk to them.

During my travels, I saw a female acquaintance who had lost a considerable amount of weight in the last year due to some pretty serious health issues.  The health issues are still ongoing, but her personality was vastly different.  When I saw her a few years ago, she was moody and vindictive and snarky in her comments.  She vied for the last comment.  She was competitive.  She was hard to talk with.  This year, she looked like her old trim self and her body matched her quick sharp mind.  She was so much more fun to be with and to talk with and I think it's because, she, just like me, was feeling like herself.

She also just looked more professional and sharp and I found myself aware that I was judging women's professional capabilities based on their weight.  

So...back to the bag of veggies.

I have not been carrying around veggies, but today to my credit, I binged on a bag of stir fried vegetables and arugala salad.  That would have been a pretty good binge, especially since I was so tempted to eat other things.  However, I managed to slide some goat cheese, parmesan cheese, feta cheese and a handful of tortilla chips and two small cookies into the mix.  Hmmm.  Still it could have been worse.

And tonight, on my way to class in the below zero temperatures that really say, "You deserve some nice warm salty take-out food", I stopped at the store after a really tough yoga class and picked up some rice cakes.  

Like the man on the plane, I often indulge in cookies and treats, but I'm still trying and I sure hope he is too.

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