Friday and Feeling Plans Percolating

4 years ago

I can feel my brain itching to write some goals for the month or goals for next year.  I can feel my brain itching to carry out some goals.  There are so many things I want to do.  I have a daily to-do list that I love writing out every morning over a cup of coffee.  It's a mix of the daily things like "drink coffee" and the daily drudgery like "do dishes" and the daily wishful projects like "clear out all the crap in the living room", but also good things like, "thanksgiving painting with kids" or work things like, "grade curriculum projects".   The list also has things like "do pilates" and "practice keyboard".  They've both been on my list for at least a week with no result.  Seems like I always run out of time.  Or effort.

I did not go to the gym this morning.  I'd like to blame it on a need for sleep or my cold, but really I was awake and up in plenty of time.  My cold is actually over and now I'm just left with the aftermath which is a drag with my allergies and asthma, but it's nothing that should prevent going to the gym.  No, I didn't go because my gym partner was up in the middle of the night and she needed more sleep.   And I just didn't want to make the effort.

I did get up, however, and I started this blog entry and made some coffee and then snuggled with kids when they woke up and then picked up a bit and then ran out of "get-things-done" steam.  So now I have lots of things I want to do, but no umph.

I believe a second cup of coffee is in order.

I recently read The Happiness Project.  It got some scathing reviews on amazon, but I liked it.  I didn't expect the book to be something that would make my life better.  I thought it would be an easy read about a person's experiences trying to improve the quality of their life.  And it was.  And reading it gave me many opportunities to reflect on my own life.

I liked how I felt when I was doing long runs on the weekend in preparation for a race.  I like how I feel when my living room is clean or after I complete a fun project with the kids.  I like how I feel when I know I have done things throughout the day that have been artistic and creative and led to growth in areas such as music.  I like how I feel when I can try on clothes and have them fit and look good.

So now I am sitting with my to-do list under my elbow.  My kids are happily engaged in imagination play.  This is my time to get junk done.  What was my mantra from yesterday? Grinning - how easily I forget!!

I think I AM going to write up my mantras and goals and put them on the wall to remind me just why I really don't want to be sitting and mindlessly checking Facebook, but actually up doing things with this life that I cherish (and that can include just sitting and reading a book!).  

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