Free Gifts My Body Gave Me in 2012

4 years ago

I've been in 'reflection' mode since the beginning of December. Ahhhh...another end of a year. Another 365 days have pushed passed me, grabbed me and dragged me along for a ride I could have never imagined. Again. Such is life, right? Well, the answer to that question I'll answer in another blog. (Please don't expect it any time soon, it's a biggie.) I was thinking about my body and how it has changed since January 2012. 

I realized that without my asking, my body gave me many free gifts this year. Imagine that. 

Free gifts my body gave me in 2012:

1) aging spots: yep. they're mixed in with my pre-2012 beauty marks. all sneaky and sassy. light brown. reminding me that aging is happening whether I want it to or not. 

2) gray eyebrow hair: i plucked one out yesterday morning. i'm reminded of the scene in Vanilla Sky (Cameron Crowe) where Tom Cruise's character, David Aames walks into the bathroom and notices a gray hair among his lovely dark brown locks. He plucks it out. I did the same. I saw the gray eyebrow hair. I plucked it out. It hurt. I cursed. No, Cruise wasn't plucking an eyebrow hair. No, he didn't curse. We're off topic here, people. 

3) gray eyelashes: okay, so maybe it wasn't full-on gray, but it was definitely not black. is it possible to have gray eyelashes? i'm not google-ing this answer. go ahead. I'm saying, there was a different coloured eyelash among the black ones. 

  1. 4) beauty marks & red dots: all over my body. the most recent ones I found are in my cleavage. they seem to come together - one bright red, tiny polka-dot mark and a dark brown beauty mark. the more moles and beauty marks the more beautiful, right? (don't worry, I'm always checking them to make sure they are not cancerous...)
  2. 5) a more prominent double chin: double-chins run in my family (as do thick waists and round bellies). in 2012, my only-show-up-when-i-look-down double chin decided to expand and take permanent residence below my actual chin. and I don't have to be looking down for it to show up. it's there. all the time. 
  3. 6) more cellulite: now, not only is it on my outer thighs, it's on my inner thighs, my arms, my sides, and if I squish my face in that certain way, it's even on my newly acquired double chin.
  4. 7) pimples/acne: for some reason, my skin decided to resort to its fifteen-year-old self. i sprouted zits on my cheeks, chin and forehead like when i was in high school - horny and heated 24-7. (nope, these other attributes - horny and heated' - didn't come oozing back. balls to that.)
  5. 8) yeast infections/bladder infections: sweet baby boy born on christmas, i can't even tell you how many bladder and yeast infections I had this year. i'm pretty sure there were only three months of the year when my poor lower regions weren't plagued with one or both of these painful occurances. 
9) inability to fall asleep: oh, there's no doubt i'm tired. ALL. THE. TIME. but just because i'm tired doesn't mean that my brain is too. wait, huh? my brain is me, isn't it? well, not at bedtime. funny little thing, my brain. she wants to stay up. AND WORRY. like, forever. as my daughter Miller would say: she's NONE tired.
10) itchy scalp: i've been letting my hair grow out for a few years now. yes, years. i've got the slowest growing hair ever. but this year it got long. like, i can feel it over my shoulders - long. with this new lenght of hair came a very itchy scalp. i think it's because of two things: a) i'm constantly pulling it all back into a ponytail and yanking on it to do so, and b) I don't brush it enough. mama needs to get her some head & shoulders. that will help with the itching, right? hot oil treatment? cut my hair? 
i turned 34 in 2012.
i am a 34-year-old married, working mother-of-two (ages 6 and 4). this year - the year twenty-twelve, two-thousand twelve - is the first year that my body showered me with so many free gifts. all. at. once. 
am i thankful? I mean, after all, few things in life are free, right? only the good things. only the best things. like love. and hope. and passion. and ageing spots. 
yes, i'm thankful. or at least, i'm doing my best to be. there are so many other things my body could have given me for free. like ulcerative colitis, which I got when i was nineteen. excuse me while I go count my beauty marks...errr, my blessings. 
what did your body give you this year? 
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