ARE YOU FRAZZLED? Frazzled is a word that basically means rushed, hurried, worn out, and overwhelmed.......

ARE YOU OVERLOADED?  If so considertaking things off your plate of life.....that are non-essential...

BEING GOOD TO YOURSELF....I see so many people (especially women) who simply seem to be overloading themselves and going in far too many directions....They seem frazzled and exhausted....They seem to have taken on too much in life and trying to please far too many people....One cannot do it all in life. If one tries to do it all generally “something has got to give” in some area of their lives....Learning to take things off of one's plate can do amazing things for a person's life....especially with things they didn't want to do in the first place...

Years ago I remember my husband saying to me about a neighbor woman how she was doing about 10 different major things at once (raising children, working full time, helping build her busy husband’s career, going back to school to get her degree, etc). I turned to him and said “Something has got to give…” And I believe I was right. Something had to give. One cannot do and be it all….Long story short, I found out not too long ago that the couple went through a very messy divorce…..Once again Something had to give…and in her case it was her marriage....

Our society today wants to do it all and be it all. They want to be everywhere doing everything at once….That is impossible….I say “pick what you really want to do” and be satisified with it….Quit pushing yourself.

The more we push ourselves and the more things we take on the less we enjoy whatever it is that we are doing…..Slow down…Life is not a race to the finish line….or a collection of how many things we can stuff into a bag....

Life is meant to be enjoyed…Overloading one’s self is not enjoyment…..Taking things off the plate of life that are not so important can be one of the very best things a person can do.

Let go of being Frazzled....For too many it is a lifestyle.....and not a very good one....Consider taking off the plate of  life things that are not important or necessary and allowing your plate to have some room for anything that is really great to add....Quit filling up your plate of life like it is an All you can Eat Buffett.....Most of those are pretty unhealthy......Time to live life Happy and being happy doesn't include being Frazzled.....

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