Four Pounds Less of Me

4 years ago

The first week of the calories in/calories out routine is always so rewarding.  All you have to do is be consistent for one week, stick to your daily calorie allotment, and ta-da, weight comes off.

I can button my jeans again.  (Last December I needed a belt on these same jeans - I'm definitely seeing the signs of this ten pounds I chunked on)

But I know I haven't actually lost any weight of substance.  I've lost the bloated over indulgence of the week before.  Now the true work begins and thankfully I've been through this process and so many of the things fit a bit better into my life.

I wasn't thinking this yesterday when I went for a walk.  As I walked I thought about how miserably un-fun it is to be consistent.  And, consistency is the name of this darn game.  But today, half way through with exercise completed in the morning and a moderate healthy lunch and breakfast, I almost think I can make it through one more full day of consistency.

I'm tracking my calories.  I'm using the measuring cup.  I opted for yogurt with flax seed over oatmeal with flax seed for breakfast because I'd save myself some calories to use up later in the day.

I went to the gym this morning and got on the treadmill.  There's no running and sprinting for me these days.  I jogged and walked at a 4.0 pace.  I did some jogging at 5.0 and my body certainly could do it, but I found it very unpleasant.  At the slower pace, I didn't seem to mind the boringness of the treadmill.

Later today I remembered a 5K that I did last year and that is coming up in March.  I wasn't prepared last year.  I might not be this year.  But last year I couldn't have been prepared.  I was just starting the journey.  This year, I have all of last year's experiences stored in my body.  If I go to the gym tomorrow and actually put out some more effort, I think I'll improve more quickly than I did last year - at least I hope so.

For now - no guilt - all I do is count my calories, drink my dang water, and exercise 20 minutes a day.  Hopefully I do more, but if I don't, it's a-okay.

Oh - and I just went to a local "losing weight" talk and the suggestion for the week is to eat a fruit or vegetable EVERY time you eat.  The goal is to eat at least five fruits or vegetables a day, but ultimately nine or ten.  Wowzers - I don't do that.

So, starting a half hour ago, I'm gonna try to fit in a fruit or vegetable each time I eat.  I'm not jumping in joy, but it does kinda make sense and seems like an okay way to fit those darn things in.


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