Five Tips to Stay Healthy at BlogHer '12 (or Any Conference)

5 years ago

Blogher '12 is this weekend. Without a doubt, you already know how to make the best of the conference. These here are a few quick tips to ensure that you make it out with your health intact.

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The first thing you want to do when you walk into your hotel room (before you even bring your luggage past the threshold) is check for bed bugs. The brilliant blogger and entomologist Bug_Girl has a great how to: strip the bed and check for little rust-colored dots. These little presents are left by bed bugs after they feed. Check the sheets, mattress, box spring and headboard. If you find anything, ask for a change of room.

Next up, grab a sanitizing wipe (you packed some, right? If not, look up a nearby drugstore and pick some up!) and tackle the remote. Unlike the sheets and towels, remotes are never cleaned by room staff, making them one of the dirties things you'll ever eagerly reach out for. Take a sanitizing wipe to it to lower the risk of transmission. While you're at it, you can disinfect light switches, the room phone and everything else that strikes your fancy -- including your own cell phone! I've already made you incredibly paranoid, so why not?

Check out the room service menu and the menus in the hotel restaurant. If you don't see healthy options, try Google Local or Yelp for better choices. The great thing about New York is that you never need to settle. No matter what time it is, something better is always around the corner, you just have to have the initiative to seek it out. Do not throw good habits out the window because you feel a little lazy!

Wash your hands. Colds and flus are spread by coming into contact with the virus. This usually occurs through the hands. Short of telling you to never touch your face again (count how many times you inadvertently start to do it while reading this. It's a lot more than you think), take special care to wash your hands. Hand-washing won't always be an option, so pack some hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

Don't cover your mouth with your hands when you sneeze! What's the first thing you do when you are introduced to someone new? You shake hands. You don't want to offer them an infestation of germs, do you? Pack a small pack of tissues -- and if the sneeze sneaks up quickly, take care to sneeze into the inside of your elbow instead of your hand.

Stay hydrated. Drink in moderation. Don't pretend caffeine is a reasonable replacement for sleep! If the parties are too cool to miss, take a nap during the day!

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