Five Things I Did to Prepare for I.V.F.

3 years ago

When our first I.V.F. cycle did not work out I was devastated. No, I was beyond devastated. I could not believe that after doing everything "perfectly" it could fail. So, we set off to plan our F.E.T. (Frozen Embryo Transfer) using embies from cycle #1. During and after our F.E.T. I did things quite differently than I did the first time around. While we should all follow our doctor's recommendations for our individual situations, there were some changes that I decided I would do just for me.

So, what did I do that was "different" this cycle?

1. I completely quit exercising.

In my regular life I am an avid yogi and runner. And I don't just like, but I LOVE Bikram yoga. Bikram is the hot and crazy yoga that is done in rooms of 96 degrees. My exercise regimen is not just for vanity, it is about feeling good mentally and feeling strong physically. You are definitely NOT supposed to exercise after I.V.F. transfers, but something told me to start the relaxation way before the transfer. My transfer was June 21st and I stopped my exercise regimen around the 5th of June.

That's me!
Favorite Pose!


2. I added more fat to my diet.

I am a healthy eater. I love to prepare nutritious recipes and cook meals that taste great without packing in the calories. However, for this cycle I let go of some of the strict habits I stick to and I let in more fat. Some healthy fats and some not so healthy. I have been eating some delicious things and not feeling guilty about it one bit. I'm letting my body direct me to what I want to eat.

Hello, blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream!
I'm still a lover of green shakes, but there is ice cream for dessert.

3. I continued with acupuncture and followed all requirements.

Acupuncture is amazing. It makes you feel relaxed and I am now so "good at acupuncture" (lol!) that I wait in anticipation for the final forehead needle because that is the one that always puts me to sleep. Is that crazy or what? I was so scared of it at the beginning, but now I love it. I wish it wasn't quite so expensive because it is a sacrifice to make it happen. I was going once a week at $50 per week. However, I decided that I needed to continue since  it worked for so many people that were successful in their treatments.

My acupuncturist has rules that she insists I follow and I have tried to do my best: 1) Keep your feet warm at all times. Wear socks in any cool environment. 2) Do not drink liquids that are cooler than room temperature. 3) Try to keep your basic body temperature warm by eating warm soups and drinking warm (not hot!) teas. I truly believe in acupuncture for I.V.F. success. **My acupuncturist will not do further treatments after transfers, she does not believe you need it, but I know many women have practitioners that will do treatments after transfers.

4. I relaxed at WORK.

I know that this is not possible for everyone and this was more chance than anything, but this FET was done during a time that things happened to be slower at work. Did this have a major impact? Who knows? But it allowed me to feel a little more relaxed. I also made it a point to leave during my lunch time (only about 35 minutes) and get some fresh air and sunshine. On a few days that simply meant walking around the perimeter of my building, but a little sunshine made a difference in how I felt. I did this before and after the transfer.

5. I prayed a lot and dreamed a little...

There is not one more thing that I could have done to make this transfer work. I prayed daily that God would take my worries from me and give me the strength to let go. It is the hardest thing for me to do. Every single day I asked God to help me see that this is not in my control. From there I have been letting go, little by little. It is still a struggle, but prayer is my saving grace. And it keeps me going because I KNOW that even if this one doesn't work out He will heal us and show us His plan.




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