EOA: Day Three With Tramadol

3 years ago

Does it work? So far so good.

The morning stiffness was not there, and tapping the keys is not hurting much. Woot!

Do you have Erosive Inflammatory Arthritis? Don't dork around, go see a rheumatologist. As anti drug and alcohol as I am, it was sheer nonsense on my part to not pursue a lessened pain lifestyle before 2014. Drugs aren't my enemy. They've been keeping my seratonin levels equalized for the last 15 years.

Diclofenac has been my proverbial "oil can" since 2007. And now, I've got 2 new drugs to add to my arsenal. Drugs that are not opioids, addicting, or come with crazy side affects.

Earlier this week, I considered selling my D800 and all my gear because the weight has become unmanageable. Today, NOT A CHANCE!

However, I am somewhat thrilled, and kind of ashamed at the same time, that I've had to buy assistive aids. My hands will be thankful, although my pride is suffering. Hubby said he'd do the dishes so I don't sell the Fiestaware. I've decided on just a few plastic plates for myself, as they are easier to hold, carry and handle. Good thing I don't need the "lip". But I am glad it is there for those who do, in order for them to retain their independence and dignity.

Lately the thought has crossed my mind more than once, it is time to go to a psychologist. I need help with my psyche to look at my handicap and not be disgusted. It's a shame it is so visible. I want to be more accepting of myself. I'll get there.

For now I am off to do an 8x10 ZIA. I'm taking a Karen day and tangling away the world's problems. And some of my own.


~Karen Lynn

Edit March 22nd: Tramadol seems to have helped quite a bit with the pain of daily activities. There are some days when it won't touch the pain, but such is my disease.  Don't be afraid of this drug, there are very minimal side effects other than pain relief.

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