Eating food can lose weight

10 years ago
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Some people think this way to lose weight "food" is difficult to engage in?
Tried their best, how to, how around that can not achieve our goals; but it was
for any of its "food" is very simple, just to cross the road, stopped a red
light, green light line, and more attention to the yellow light, you can Arrive
objective of a safe journey home; In other words, food can also be classified as
the same traffic light, red light food'll be careful as little as possible for
the magic touch, yellow'll be careful to choose food, green food consumption can
be at ease
Cooking: red (fried, fried, starch), yellow (brine, roasted,
fried), green (steamed, boiled, stewed).

Liu hot pot: red (various types
of processing dumplings), yellow (fresh fish category, the fans), green (fresh
vegetables, as well as various types of mushrooms).

Western-style meal:
red (soup, wine, to send all kinds of categories), yellow (clear soup, Simi Lu
Qing cake), green (appetizers, coffee + behalf of the sugar, fresh fruit).

Japanese: red (deep-fried prawns, deep-fried tempura), yellow (grilled
roasted Pacific saury, Huazhi Wan), green (Steaming, Shaxi Mi).

Kong-style: red (fried spring rolls, Dumplings), yellow (Pho fried, fried rice
noodles), green (steamed Pho, salad).

While Rome was not built in a day,
but as long as the number of points by using their brains to understand the type
of food, with eyes so fat filter, whether you eat or buffet table or do Chinese
New Year to eat hot pot, and not have to worry about body shape before the.
Another Day of Peace appropriate amount of exercise can maintain good health,
have more symmetrical body moving.

In order to lose weight with
beautiful women and vegetarian choices, they can not stand most of the ice cream
is hot and the temptation. It is understood that in order to meet these special
needs are vegetarian, "Get Personal", vegetarian hot pot, came into being
vegetarian ice cream.

Vegetarian Hot Pot

It is understood that
for vegetarians to enjoy the light of the vegetarian hot and delicious, like hot
pot, add the food is everything.

Most of vegetarian soup pot with
Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, turnip, celery leaves boiled, can be
added to the corn, mushrooms, with a touch of sweet flavor.

hot pot is expected ultimately, tofu and vegetables, everything from cabbage,
Chinese cabbage, celery or mushroom, seaweed, tofu and so on can freeze any
match, if there is like chewing strong sense of Amorphophallus is a good choice,
as the market a wide range of vegetarian Products, with an optional two-like.

Zhanliao vegetarian hot pot can be selected vegetarian Shacha Jiang, to
reduce fat and calories, can be used soy sauce, sugar, white vinegar, tomato
sauce and pineapple juice into sweet and sour sauce, or ginger, white vinegar,
sugar and ginger into boiling water transfer , Light and refreshing.

Vegetarian hot fat content and calories than the meat hot pot low, and
cholesterol-free, vegetarian may wish to give it a try.

Vegan Ice Cream

For those who like to eat ice cream beauty of the group, in the heat of
summer, the most painful thing is not very much love to enjoy the delicious ice

In order for those who lose weight shouting all day long, thin
people can Sinseong-hoe, a number of cold drink sugar-free shop will be
introduced to the health of low-fat ice cream - ice cream vegetarian. In
Beijing, one called "31 kinds of ice cream" of the cold store can provide more
than 600 kinds of vegetarian ice cream lovers who want to eat the number of how
many, that do not have to gain weight. These healthy vegetarian non-sugar ice
cream, and its sweetness is used to the diabetic patients had used aspartame,
and milk have been used in 97% fat, but maintain the flavor of milk.

Vegetarian pizza

In Beijing, there is a "time sculpture" coffee
shops, in particular the introduction of a "vegetarian pizza" dessert. Although
we can not know the owner of the check's true intentions, but from a purely
literal point of view, it should be a vegetarian initiative it.

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