Eat Less and then Weigh Less

4 years ago

I'm sitting in my kids' room waiting for them to fall into their naps.  I'm in a danger zone as far as cravings.  There are all sorts of tasty sweet things downstairs along with tasty other things like cheeses and breads and salads.  As long as I'm up here, I'm okay.  Once I go down, I'm not so sure what will happen.  I have no plan for what I will eat.  As well, I sampled quite a few sugar spice pumpkin seeds that I roasted the other night and had some bites of the moose pasta I made for the kids, so once again I don't really know what I've already consumed.

Except I do know that the one slice of swiss cheese I ate was a whopping 90 calories.  Oye vay.  I didn't expect it to be that many which makes me think that all the times I pop grated cheese into my mouth as I'm preparing something is providing me many more calories than I realize.

It's all about calories these days - again.

But you know what - it's working.  The scale has the process rolling again.  If only I can stick to it long enough to really have something to show for it before I stabalize and normalize and work on sustaining.  If only!

Last night I pulled out some things from my costume box including dresses and tops and oh - my - they FIT!  I don't even know why I had some of those things because there wasn't much hinting at any change in my life and they weren't even things I tremendously loved, but I had them and now they do fit and it was a lot of fun putting things on without that dreaded feeling that they might not even go on.

And I'm kinder now.  I don't mind the rolls and pudges as I look in the mirror.  They're a healthier level of rolls and pudges.  I wouldn't be upset if they smoothed out a bit or disappeared all together, but I'm okay with them.  I'm A-Okay with just being healthier.

Sigh - and with that I will go downstairs and face the temptations of the kitchen and the evening to come with it's pumpkin pancakes for dinner (grinning - doesn't that sound rather good) and pumpkin pie for post trick-or-treating and glasses of wine.   And of course, a Butterfinger or two.

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