Drum Roll Beginning

3 years ago

The drum roll is beginning inside my head.  It's a long drum roll though - possibly lasting into tomorrow!  No, I'll get it figured out right here and now....Goals.  Blech.  I got through my crazy bad mood of yesterday.  Sometime around dinner, I felt it lifting off my head.  Today has been far better, but I still feel heavy headed and tired so, while I'm getting things done and feeling more pleasant and hopeful, I'm not brimming with energy.

Tomorrow I shall get back on track.  And the goals are:

1.  Lose 10 pounds in two months - nice solid number in a nice reasonable timeframe.  Once at that point I can reassess.  My current weight?  I conveniently don't know, but tomorrow first thing I'll do the weigh in to check.

How to go about losing 10 pounds:

1.  Meditate daily, even if for just five minutes

2.  Sleep 8 hours

3.  Exercise daily, even if for just 20 minutes at a leisurely walking pace

4.  Eat clean foods (no dairy, gluten, articificial colors, added sugars) as my main deal

5.  Watch those portions of those clean foods (and consider using MyFitnessPal)

6.  Bump up the water intake and consider switching back from coffee to tea

Heh-heh - notice I said, "consider" switching back from coffee to tea.  I know I should.  I think it's a little easier on my system, but I just bought some coffee.  This is one of those goals that best happens on its own.  

Of the above goals, the hardest is really getting the exercise.  We eat pretty clean at home and my chocolate, donut indulgences aren't that hard to knock off.  It's the exercise. Ugh.  When you're not doing it, it's no fun.

I saw somebody posting about the Insanity workout and I felt myself go, "Yeah!  I can do that!"  Ha.  I'd fizzle 5 minutes into it.  Plus I refuse to spend money on it.  But if someone placed it in my lap....hmmm.....over 20 minutes and I feel like it's too easy to say it takes up too much of my time.  Obviously it's not happening, but 20 minutes of a daily goal seems to feel flexible enough and in the past, I've frequently exceeded that 20 several times a week.

So now I've given myself a free pass for today exercise wise and I'll begin the quiet deep-in-my-head process of preparing myself for tomorrow.  Ten pounds.  I can do it - right?  I just need to stick to it and be consistent.  Ugh.

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