Does Vaping Help With Losing Weight?

a year ago
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One of the hottest topics in multiple realms of scientific research is that of vaping. Since vaping is such a new hobby that could potentially be life-changing, scientists want to understand exactly how it works to maximize how effective it is. Also, researchers want to stop any harmful effects of vaping before it becomes too prevalent. Here, we’ll explore two brand new and fascinating peer-reviewed studies published this past month covering weight loss associated with vaping.

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Study #1: Vaping to lose weight: Predictors of adult e-cigarette use for weight loss or control¹

This study is a unique one compared to previous literature but seems to be a fascinating topic to continue exploring. The researchers examined a subset of adult vapers who pursued the hobby to lose weight. The claim that vaping can help you lose weight is unsubstantiated, and extremely biased due to Internet trends of stating extreme edge cases as absolute and complete facts. However, fringe cases like this (and other such cases like the infamous tapeworm diet) seem to catch on quite quickly due to the natural digital spread of misinformation. 

The researchers looked at this subset to see if they could find trends in who would attempt weight loss through vaping. They discovered that these people were far more likely to vape at high frequency and be overweight and that they had poor impulse control. Though these results are correlational, it is important to understand the links between how vapers gather information and how they put that information to use.

Study #2: Could Vaping be a New Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge?²

As pointed out in the first study, correlating obesity and weight loss with vaping is a huge topic in research right now. This article discusses how obesity is set to become the number one preventable cause of severe sickness and death in first world countries. However, tobacco intake restricts weight gain via brain and metabolism effects. Though traditional smoking is overwhelmingly bad for the human body, it is entirely possible that vaping could give the same benefits - i.e. weight loss and metabolism effects - without any of the adverse effects - i.e. cell death and loss of taste functionality.

The researchers propose an in-depth plan for research into the positive effects of vaping on weight loss and explain how funding and public interest could be gained at each step. This paper helps set the groundwork for years of research on this fascinating subject.


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