Do You Know What Doesn't Need Fixing? You! It's Compliment Your Mirror Day

3 years ago

I usually don't talk to my reflection, which is sort of rude. I mean, I was always taught that it's not polite to stare, and it would certainly be creepy if I walked up to someone and just stood there, staring slack-mouth at them. But that's what I do all the time when it comes to my reflection. I just stand there, staring at the mirror, fussing with my hair. And you can sort of tell from my expression what I think of my reflection, especially when it's humid out and my hair is a mess.

But you know what today is?

Compliment Your Mirror Day.

Do you know why this day was set up? Probably because there are millions... no, wait... billions... of other women like me who have been convinced by beauty products and airbrushed magazine models that there is something wrong when we stare into the mirror. We've been taught that the whole point of staring in the mirror is to fix ourselves.

But not today.

Image: Maria Teresa Ambrosi via Flickr

I challenge you to take ten minutes to stand in front of the mirror today and compliment yourself. It's really hard! We're conditioned to pick apart our features and put them down. But for 24 hours, the only thing you're allowed to do is compliment yourself. Love your eyes. Tell your lips they look gorgeous. Thank genetics for your nose. And freakin' play with your hair like an 8-year-old girl. Don't fix your hair. Don't style your hair. PLAY with your hair.

One day. 24 hours.

Who is with me? And what is one thing you are saying to your reflection? Say it loud and proud in the comment section too.

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.

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