Dear Angelina: Did Myriad Pay You?

4 years ago

You think she is all about sacrifice and helping others? Are you on the rah rah Angelina is such a hero train? Because let me tell you, she's not a hero in my book. People are saying "She faced cancer head on". What cancer? She faced the possibility of cancer, as do the rest of us.

The real heroes, are the women who have fought and died the cancer battle. The women who had no choice but have a double radical mastectomy. Angelina? She had a mastectomy and rebuild. She got a set of perky new tits and a lot of publicity. She had breast tissue removed and implants inserted.

Yes you say, maybe she came out with this publicly so no one would leak it. Yes, you say she's a humanitarian and has raised awareness about breast cancer gene mutations and preventative measures. But the fact is, the most common breast cancer is estrogen receptor positive breast cancer and one in eight of us will get it. So next time you are with a group of 8 women, remember that sobering fact.

The BRCA gene mutation causes Medullary carcinoma and accounts for 1-5% of diagnosed breast cancers. I invite you to look at the chart on the Komen page to see the different types of breast cancer. The most common breast cancer is not going to be picked up by Myriad's BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation test. It will be found by you if you are diligent about checking your breasts.

Does that make you want to run out and have a mastectomy? Because I am a cancer survivor, with both my breasts. Faced with mastectomy or lumpectomy with chemo and radiation, I chose the latter. My surgeon guided me to lumpectomy. Trust me, when I found out my lump was cancerous, I wanted those suckers off. NOW. Do I still fear reoccurrence? Yes, probably more so than you do, because I've been through the cure. I've lost a lot of sisters to breast cancer. Let me clarify: Breast Cancer Sisters. Because once we are diagnosed, we are sisters.


So yeah Angelina, good job raising awareness for women that "breasts do not make a woman". However, you chose implants, so you must not have really believed that did you? Do you realize most women don't have 4k to dish out for a genetic marker test that isn't covered by insurance? And they certainly don't have the money to pay for a new set of perky tits.

How are you going to examine your chest wall now Angelina? Because people with cancer that starts there are usually not diagnosed until it is too late. I worry about that for you.

And amazingly enough, Myriad's stock prices skyrocketed Tuesday after her publish. Makes me wonder if her pockets weren't lined.

Now with all that being said, opinions are like assholes, I know that, everyone has one, and this is mine.

HOWEVER, If your mother died from breast cancer, if anyone in your immediate family had cancer caused by the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation, you probably want to get the test done. But don't let a movie star help you decide to cut off the girls.




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