CrossFit Super Mom Principle #4

6 years ago
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As a child and young adult I was expected to be respectful (yes sir, yes ma'am) and do what others expected of me. While that is a valued expectation, the real lesson of respecting positive actions of others and setting positive goals was lost and I was living the life of a "yes" person. I was not happy.


You know a "yes" person. You may even be one. It is someone who says yes to all kinds of responsibilities and tasks that they may not have chosen had someone not asked them. They get stressed out, filled with anxiety...yet, never turn down a request. A "yes" person may put up with all kind of crap from others just to avoid confrontation.


I still struggle with keeping my personal plate clean of unwanted responsibilities or tasks. I like to do things for others. But! I don't want to do more for others at the expense of the happiness of my children, husband, or myself.


CrossFit Principle #4 is Surround Yourself With Awesome. By surrounding yourself with awesome, you have no choice but joy. Reel in your net of friends. You don't have to be liked by everyone. Think, who do you truly enjoy and who is a nice acquaintance? Let go of haters. Log off of Facebook and create a connection with those you truly value. Stop worrying about why you weren't invited to that lunch date.


Simplify your home. If you don't love that plant, picture, book, etc. someone gave you or you inherited, get rid of it. Let go of the clutter. Your not collecting for the Smithsonian. Donate all that stuff! Have a rummage sale; take the money you raise and donate it...or get something for your family self.


Take a look at your responsibilities. If you are not COMPLETELY in love with what you are doing for others, decide what is able to be released. You can choose less and be a greater impact on what you really enjoy doing. It is easier said than done, but imagine the relief felt knowing you don't have that stress anymore. Sadly, house chores will always be there. Why not ask for help?


You only get one shot at this life. Feel awesome and be AWESOME by doing what you want with those who share a true connection. Go out and surround yourself with your own... awesome!