Counting Down the Holidays with More Stay Slim FIT Tips

4 years ago

Only 22 days left until January 1stWhere are you in your Holiday Challenge to MOVE? Are you doing the holiday hustle burning calories where you can, making smart choices when it comes to treating yourself and keeping stress levels in check? Or have you released your plan to exercise this season and let everything loose, including your sweet tooth and your belt?

Who me? I am still plugging away. I have my own personal strategies, some of which are listed below, that work for me to stay slim and feeling fit during tempting times like this (and believe me, my strategies do not include self deprivation!)
If you have slipped a little, you still have time to finish strong. Remember just 22 days left until January 1st, when you will want to look back at the holiday season with a sense of pride and quiet confidence in your ability to make sensible choices.
Take a deep breath, get your wits about you and remember that nothing feels better than the guilt-free assurance that you are taking great care of yours truly, your one and only body (and it doesn’t hurt that by making smart choices you are setting a good example for your family on what is truly important this time of year!)



These are a much lighter version of Holiday Spiced Pecans. A perfect snack for before a party....or to serve at the party! The recipe can be found in our Meals & Morsels Cookbook!



Here are a few more of my personal stay fit and slim strategies:
  • Peruse & Be Picky Please: With virtually unlimited access to buffets of sweets and high calorie, rich appetizers it is easy to consume over 1000 calories without batting an eyelash. So, I take a look at the entire selection BEFORE I make my choices. I let my eyes do the tasting first…mmmmm…..yum! Then, I choose a few of my favorites; small to moderate portions of course. I enjoy those as I mingle with friends and family (AWAY from the display of easily accessible food). If I want more, I can refill my plate. But, more times than not, I am satisfied with firsts..and perhaps one more tiny indulgence or a Christmas cocktail. Try it: ‘Peruse & Be Picky’.
  • Don’t Stockpile Calories! I used to be guilty of this but no more! I don’t care what program says what. ‘Banking’ calories by not eating all day long just so you can overindulge at a party makes NO sense. If your body is starving, it will STORE the food you finally consume. Plus, you are more likely to become bloated and emotionally less likely to exercise control in making good choices when your brain has been hijacked by the effects of low blood sugar! So, instead I eat at normal times through the day
  • For a few more of my Food FIT for the Holiday Tips: check out my personal blog!  I think that you will enjoy it…plus there is a new recipe to be found there for (drum roll please……) Sweet Potato Pie. Okay, it is ALMOST guilt free. I made it for the MissFIT Team at our Holiday Team meeting—rave reviews is all I have to say!
Here's that sweet potato pie that I talk about in my new blog.
Savoring Sweet Moments and Staying Slim,
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