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7 months ago
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2018 is right around the corner.  Instead of planning the typical New Year's Resolutions, why not use the last month of 2017 to prepare yourself for a happy and healthy new year?  Join us in 2018, for a brand new website layout, opportunities to connect and more.  In the meantime, let's wind down 2017 with these daily activities.


Day 1:    Create a 2017 Gratitude Jar.  For the next 30 days, add one thing that you are grateful for in 2017.

Day 2:    Clear your space. Donate old books, furniture, clothing.  Schedule your free donation pick-up here .

Day 3:    How do you want to feel?  Spend 5 minutes of free response time to list words (ex. free, powerful, healthy).

Day 4:    Schedule your 2018 wellness appointments.

Day 5:     Create a DIY wellness wheel (it doesn't have to be fancy!).  Divide it into sections (MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, HEART) and place your      "2018 feeling words"  in each appropriate category....with ACTION items.

Day 6:     Create I AM  3 self-care/wellness mantras for 2018. (Ex.  I am happy, healthy, valued & loved.)

Day 7:     What are the 3 things that you DIS-like the most about yourself?  The prefix "DIS" means reverse.  How can you reverse them into positive characteristics in 2018?  Speak affirmatively in positive tense.

Day 8:     #SelfCareIs the art of turning a ritual into a routine.  What are 2 AM/PM rituals that you can incorporate into your daily routine?  Mindfully practice them daily for the remainder of the year.

Day 9:     Use your current music streaming device to create a self-care playlist.  For inspiration, you can check out my "Golden" playlist on Spotify.

Day 10:  Think of one thing that you put off doing in 2017.  Why did you put it off?  Plan to make it happen in 2018.  Send yourself a Save The Date calendar invitation.

Day 11:    Imagine that you are about to choose your fantasy personal Board of Directors for 2018.  With you being the Chair, who would comprise your Secretary, Treasurer and other stakeholders.  What characteristics do they possess that inspired you to choose them?

Day 12: Your favorite Fitness App.  Do you have one?  If not, get one.  I love Samsung Health.

Day 13:  Make a 2018 Bucket List.

Day 14:  Prepare a meal plan(s) that include no (dairy, meat or sugar)  *hint*  Pinterest is your friend.

Day 15:  Reach out to an old friend.

Day 16:  Find peace with a situation that has been bothering you.

Day 17:  Just say NO.

Day 18:  Check out my 360º : How Balanced Is Your Lifestyle? quiz.  Identify areas that need attention.

Day 19:  Look at your To Do List.  Delegate some of those tasks today.

Day 20:  Put a long-term goal of yours out into the universe.  Share it with a friend, on social media, or somewhere visibly in your home.  Speak in the affirmative "as if" it has already come to pass.

Day 21:  What expectations do you have for yourself in 2018?

Day 22:  Create a restoration ritual (some activity, affirmation or item) that restores your spirit when it feels depleted.

Day 23:  Where is your safety zone in your home?  A place that is all yours.  If you don't have one, make one.  

Day 24:  What physical changes would you like to make in 2018?  How will you get there?

Day 25:  Shout "JOY TO THE WORLD!!" 

Day 26:  Take a laxative or cleanse.

Day 27:  Upload your favorite selfie from 2017 to TypoEffects.  Use the WordCloud Image Generator to cover your selfie with the "feeling words" that you listed on Day 3.

Day 28:  THE PURGE:  Delete old cell phone contacts.  Release the contact information, communication, etc. of people and situations that no longer serve you.

Day 29:  Social Media Fast  (UNPLUG!!!)

Day 30:  Write a letter to your 2019 self. Schedule it to be delivered on 12/31/2018.  Future Me will send your letter directly to your e-mail Inbox.

Day 31:  Open your Gratitude Jar.  Spend this last day of 2017 thanking the universe for all of the blessings of the past year as you prepare yourself for all that is in store for 2018.



Check us out in 2018 over at PhYINomenal for more wellness and life balance activities.

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