Confessions Of A True Blond

4 years ago

Once my hair grew back after chemo was over, I decided to let it go au natural for once in my life. My hair dying days goes back many moons, to when I was 13 and used Sun-In. Prior to that, my cousin Barbara and I used pure squeezed lemon juice before we headed into the sun, and that worked so well that my mother was/is convinced that my hair lightens all by itself in the summer sunshine. I know there is some truth to that because I watch my kids go from blond to bleached blond every summer too.

But now that I'm a 50 something woman, I had an enlightenment: What if I stop dying my hair altogether and see what color it really is? The pros of this were obvious. No more noxious smelling fumes for 15 minutes every six weeks. No more deciding wether to go lighter or darker with the change of seasons. No more freaking out that I have "roots" right before a special occasion. 
Truthfully, although I loved my "chemo curls", I did not like that patch of gray right above my forehead that was coming in shaped like a cereal bowl. So when it was long enough to justify the 13 dollars for the hair dye, I went ahead and blonded up again. 
And then I decided to grow it long once the curls started fading, but not until the last of curls were cut off. Now it's been a few years since I've bought or used hair dye and I'm pretty pleased that my formerly mousey light blond hair is sprinkled with shiny white hairs that I did NOT put there. It looks naturally highlighted and I didn't have to pay for that!
I guess part of me is feeling now that I've hit 50 something, why do I need to dye my hair? I've earned these grays. If I had to go back to my 20's 30's and 40's I would have still done the highlights and lowlights and root touch ups and complete head hair dyes because when you are 30, you don't want to look 40. But at 56 I don't care anymore if I look 56. I'm glad I made it this far. 
And I'm a natural blond to boot!  


And being a grandma makes me strut my silver gray hairs proudly :)

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