Coconut oil hair treatment

3 years ago

Mmmm, coconut oil. In my house, you will find jars of coconut oil in my kitchen and my bathroom. Yup, I use it for both cooking and on my body. Coconut oil is the base for most of my homemade beauty products.

In preparation for two upcoming workshops this summer on Natural Beauty Basics, I decided to try something new with coconut oil.  I had read that it makes an amazing deep conditioner for hair, but I never actually tried it for myself.  I wanted to make sure that coconut oil was an effective hair treatment before discussing it in my workshops.

First, I dampened my hair with some water.

Next, I rubbed coconut oil between my palms to soften it, then ran my hands through my hair.  I found that the best method was to start at my roots and rub the oil down to the ends of the hair.  I only used a small amount.



Then, I made a makeshift shower cap out of a plastic bag, and let the treatment sit.


After about 45 minutes, I removed the coconut oil from my hair by showering and washing it all out.  No conditioner needed!

The end result: amazing, soft, moisturized hair!  What an incredible treatment.  Using coconut oil this way is particularly great in the summer when our hair gets dry from the sun, pool and ocean.  I highly suggest trying this natural, easy hair treatment.


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