A Chocolaty Product Review

5 years ago

I've always wondered why people said that they're 'on cloud nine.'

But then I tried some Vitalicious muffin top samples and now I get it.

Okay, not the nine part (why not cloud seven? Cloud ten? Cloud thirteen?) but the cloud part. Because these are some fluffy, pillowy, yummy baked goods!

That's the triple chocolate chunk muffin top and it's so moist and chocolaty and decadent. My chocoholic mom almost died when I shared a little with her. :P

White chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips... all in sweet, fudgy awesomeness that's pretty much the love child of a brownie and that chocolate cake from Matilda.

Are you a Thin Mint fan? I was a girl scout for ten years (!) but was always more of a caramel delight fan. If they had made their cookies this fudgy and chewy (think chocolate-sticking-to-your-front-teeth rich) I might have had to change allegiances.

Soooo good! But even the plain deep chocolate is amazingly delicious - simple and decadent, with intense chocolate chips.

Then I had a brilliant idea.

Oh yes - I am happy. Sweet tooth? Satisfied. SOOOO satisfied. :)

Okay, now that I've ranted about the chocolaty amazing-ness of these VitaTops, let's look at their stats:

* Whole grain (as in, the only flour is whole wheat - none of this enriched wheat business)

* 15 vitamins and minerals (including 50% RDI of iron - since I used to be anemic, and I'm a vegetarian, I was *thrilled* to see this!)

* 4-10 g of fiber each (the deep chocolate had 9g of fiber - that's 36% of the daily requirement!)

* 3-5 g of protein

* Low fat

* Low sodium

They're so good for you - healthy enough to be part of breakfast - and so delicious. Sorry,Nana, I just found a new favorite packaged baked good. I can't wait to try the rest! :)

Were you ever a girl scout? For how long?

Have you ever tried Vitalicious?

Is chocolate delicious or what? :P

What flavor of VitaTop do you want to try?Check out my blog!

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