Change - My 1 Year Report Card

5 years ago

My dietitian friends say the question we all need to ask ourselves before embarking on any lifestyle change is this—what’s sustainable?  This way we avoid the “yo-yo” effect of dieting and other temporary solutions.


Yay -60 and sleeveless!

A year ago I wrote about my battle to lose the “final 5″.  You know, those five extra pounds or so that just seem to hang on no matter what we do.  It took about 3 weeks.  I tried everything, from giving up alcohol to revving up my exercise.  And, eventually I lost the weight, just at the beginning of the holidays.[/caption]

But, here’s the truth:  I couldn’t sustain a life of no drinking.  I couldn’t pass up a great dessert and would say “yes” more often than not, especially if it was homemade by a friend.

So, how am I doing one year later? 

The good news is that I’ve been able to stay within a pound or so of my goal weight on most days.  Why have I been successful this time?  I’ve narrowed it down to thee three changes that contribute to my staying on a sustainable course.

1. Eating a really nutritious breakfast. It always includes protein, fiber, carbs and fat. I am very committed to making these calories nutrient dense and delicious. I’ll have a snack with fruit later in the am.

2. Savoring a treat.  I don’t beat myself up when I eat something that isn’t good for me. Instead, I savor it, knowing that this treat is just that—a treat.

3. Revving up my fitness level.  And the results are good.  Even my sister asked last month if I’d had “work done”.  Now that’s a compliment to cherish – thanks Sister!

Did you notice that I haven’t used the word diet?  The above list is about balance, not deprivation.

What about you – have you hit your balance – whatever that may be?  What are your sustainable strategies for staying on course?  And, if you’re still “yo-yo-ing”, what are your stumbling blocks?

Whatever our issues, let’s not forget this: Laugh often, and at yourself, too!

Remember, if I can do it, you can, too!

Susan Levy
Publisher, Well-Fed Heart

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