Cat Yoga: The Mewest Exercise Trend And Its Benefits

10 months ago
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Are you a practitioner of yoga? Do you engage in this practice on a regular basis, enjoying the health benefits that it has to offer? If you have answered with yes to either one of these two questions, you should definitely keep on reading and discover the latest exercise trend – cat yoga. It all started with a cat shelter and a wonderful idea, meaning to bring potential adopters closer to the lovely pets. Now, yoga with cats has become a real thing, allowing people to relax and have fun at the same time.

Yoga with cats, a fun way to stay healthy

As it was already mentioned above, it was at a cat shelter that the idea of cat yoga took form. One of the shelter managers, who is also a certified yoga instructor came up with the idea, after seeing videos in which people brought cats to yoga studios. The idea was quickly appreciated by the shelter director, especially since this was a great way to bring people closer to potentially-adoptable pets.

So, you see, the Internet remains one of the greatest sources of inspiration. You can seek out information about arthritis and how can yoga be of help, discover more about yoga with cats and so on.

  • The interaction with cats makes yoga feel more relaxing

At the cat shelter, the cats are simply in love with the yoga mats and the practitioners. When practicing cat yoga, you will no longer feel challenged to maintain a certain pose; on the contrary, you will feel completely relaxed and even have fun, seeing how these felines seek out interaction with humans.

Sure, they might scratch your yoga mat, disrupt your poses and want to be petted, but, in the end, it is all worth it. Moreover, the fee requested for the participation to these yoga classes is actually a donation; the shelter uses the money to support the felines and their needs.

  • Yoga remains an excellent choice for those with arthritis, even with cats around

As you probably know, the practice of yoga has a lot of benefits to offer with regard to general health. It can be used to improve one’s posture and balance, to engage in deep breathing exercises and it also has a positive effect whereas mental health is concerned.

The practice of different postures has been recommended to those who suffer from different types of arthritis as well. Yoga is a great weapon against chronic stress, allowing you to keep anxiety and depression at a safe distance. And when you add some cuddling felines into the picture, then things become even more interesting.

Until the present moment, no studies have been undertaken, to determine the actual benefits of cat yoga. However, if you stop for a moment and think, you can identify the benefits yourself.

On the one hand, yoga allows you to get in touch with yourself, forgetting about the stress and worries of daily life. It lowers your heart rate, reducing the consequences of constant stress and, from a physical point of view, it helps you become more flexible and have a better posture. Cat yoga is even more beneficial, as it speaks not only to the body but also to the soul.

These are the main yoga benefits to take into consideration:

•    Improved posture & balance

•    Physical & mental relaxation through deep breathing

•    Improved range of motion (flexible joints)

•    Elimination of stress, anxiety, and depression

•    Muscle strengthening.            

  • Disrupting at first, fun on the long run

Surely, the presence of cats in the room might be a little disrupting for the yogis trying to practice different postures. But, as anyone will confirm, the disruption is worth it. The cats will come to you while you practice your postures and melt your heart away.

Without even knowing, you will find yourself smiling and enjoying yourself to the fullest; moreover, you will feel less pressured to achieve perfection. Because, you know, yoga should never be about perfection but rather about achieving a state in which you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself, with physical benefits on the side.

  • Cats enjoy the interaction as much as their human partners

Cats love the attention they receive from the yogis. And they are not shy to ask for it, enjoying the interaction with the humans as well. They will wander through your legs, as you try to perfect your pose. Or scratch their claws on your mat. Perhaps they will want to take a nap on that mat. No matter their preferences, it is guaranteed that they will bring a smile on your face. And you will leave that yoga class, feeling relaxed, without any worries on your mind.

Soon, cat yoga is going to become more and more popular. Cats are stimulated by the interaction with yogis, while the practitioners find it more pleasant to engage in the practice of yoga in this manner. So, you see, this is a win-win situation.

The curiosity of the cats is simply fascinating, not to mention many of these felines are incredibly affectionate and loving. The moment you interact with them, you will also feel better; your heart rate will slow down, and you will no longer feel stressed. Does that sound great or what?

Final word

If you have always wanted to try yoga, perhaps you should consider this particular form. Keep in mind that cat yoga will help you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself; moreover, you will have the opportunity to interact with these small felines and have the time of your life.

Surely, you will also feel challenged, as you will try to practice your poses, without being interrupted by their need for attention. From a larger perspective, think about the fact that you are providing the much-needed financial support to a cat shelter. And, who knows, perhaps you will find a friend to take home as well.


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