Care Package

- this post otherwise entitled "This is how you Get Well Soon!" er, package.
I discovered recently that many of my nearest and dearest are suffering from winter-type bugs. Specifically, my sister in law, a 2nd-grade teacher, has a cold/flu thing that took her immune system by storm on Friday, and a groomsman at our wedding has a similar malady that he's been battling for at least a week.
As an herbalist, I have one word for this news: Unacceptable.
So, today I high-tailed it to the Santa Monica Co-op and renewed some of my herbal stash. Some other things I already had.
Specifically, I wrapped up cloves (tea makes you delightfully sleepy, great for cold season when you're awake and wheezy), ginger (good for tea AND baths that make you feel unimaginably better), yarrow (detoxifying), a reusable cloth tea bag, and, of course, the fixins for garlic popcorn. To be specific, on my housecall of earlier this evening, Terry and I whipped up a batch of the garlic popcorn and sat around chatting until it was gone. Then we left the little packages tied with bows and hand-written instructions to be enjoyed later. (all but the yarrow, which tastes awful and works great). 
Getting to put together this little craft this afternoon was lovely. I sometimes forget how much I love spreading wellness as I go through busy days. I know that each of those little  baggies will bring a lot of healing, and that makes me happy. 
It's funny that most of us have forgotten how to use nature's remedies to fight illness. If you work it right, natural, herbal remedies tend to be, in my experience, more effective than what's prescribed by traditional medicine for similar conditions. That, and many of them taste great. No side effects, either (that is, besides stinky breath where garlic popcorn is concerned). 
It's cold season. Ugh. Flu season too, I hear. So if you want the 411 on any of these little gift baggies (the gift of health is the best one, if you ask me), then just let me know. For that matter, I'd be happy to make one of these (bows and hand-written notes included, of course) for your nearest and dearest, or for you. Just drop me a line and we'll talk about it. 

On that note, Happy Monday! Make sure you're staying warm out there!

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