A break from the mania.

6 years ago

Its 5:30am, my boobs are killing me. Time to pump.


Put away half the milk, nipple the other half. Change the Dude and throw him into bed with Adonis.


Grab my shoes, my iPod and ANOTHER sports bra and its time for a run.


With all the jiggling and breathlessness, I don't enjoy my alone time much, until that last 1/2 mile. My second wind hits and I just want to keep going.


Instead I turn towards home.


Inside, I dump the iPod, kick of the running shoes and go to wake Maddy.


10 minutes of cajoling, bargaining and threatening she's dressed and ready to go to the sitter's.


10 minutes more, Adonis is out of the house without a backward glance and I'm left with the Dude, the messy house and my nonstop brain.


Unload the dishwasher. Settle the Dude.


Load the dishwasher. Replace the dropped binky.


Gather the laundry, replace the binky, load half the load, pick up the Dude.


Do the walk, shush, sway, jiggle, shush, pat and lay him down.


Check twitter. Remember the laundry, replace the binky, start the washer.


Warm a bottle, change a diaper, feed the Dude.


Crap, its 9am. If I want to get my miles in before it gets too hot, we got to get out the door.


Burp the Dude, grab the iPod, strap in Dude, tear apart the house looking for keys.


Out the door for our walk, mind going a mile a minute: what to make for dinner, what chores still need to be done, what to write about, call the doctor's office, buy stamps.


The list goes on, the mind doesn't stop and barely a moment goes by that I'm not juggling 2 or 3 tasks.


But yesterday was different. I awoke realizing I only had 2 days left of my maternity leave and what had I really done?


My friend lives only 20 minutes away and in 7 weeks of freedom I hadn't seen her? So wrong.


So I showered, I saved directions, I pumped, bathed the Dude and hopped in the car.


Two minutes inside her door, the tension was gone from my shoulders, I felt the usually knitted brow relax and I exhaled.


For two peaceful hours, a kind and calm friend held my son.


We talked, we shared and listened to each other. We connected for just a bit of time.


And then, as it always does, the housework, the duties called me home. And gladly I went, feeling peaceful, happy, content.


Gladly I fixed dinner and laughed with my daughter.


Peacefully I reclined with the Dude on my chest, happy to enjoy a game on TV with Adonis. Content.


Thank you my friend for a break in the mania, a moment of peace, and restoring some sanity.



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