BlogHer of the Week: Kristy Sammis

You may know Kristy Sammis from She Just Walks Around With It as BlogHer's own former Events Manager.

For those of you who only know Kristy as our Events manager, and not as a life blogger, you have been missing out! And we are thrilled to introduce you to her comic stylings via this week's BlogHer of the Week post, Making It Work for Me and My Pelvix.

You see, earlier this year Kristy went through what you might call the trifecta of big life changes: She got engaged, then married; she discovered she would be having a baby, and she bought a house in Napa and moved. Oh, and along with all of that, she left full-time employment at BlogHer. Her due date (this Wednesday, BTW) didn't exactly mesh well with our biggest conference yet being a mere 4.5 weeks away. One upside for us all (besides Kristy's abiding joy and happiness) is that she's picked up her blogging pace. And events like her first birthing preparation class:

"The instructor began the class by leading intros and then telling us about herself. Turns out, she's been teaching childbirth prep for fifteen years. She's seen a lot of stuff. She knows her stuff. She came across as sweet and nice and caring and as someone whose heart is really in it. Expert!

But then as soon as we got going, despite the three minute discussion on how "there are no wrong questions," she refused to answer any. She clearly hated to be derailed from her spiel. Most of her answers were, therefore, either We haven't gotten to that yet or We don't talk about that until next week. Except for the time the woman asked, "So, do contractions ever last longer than one minute?" and the instructor smiled, gave a slight shake of her head, and laughed a bit, in a "haha, you have no idea what you're in for" kind of way. AND THAT WAS IT.

So no, not especially helpful. Mostly the instructor reeled off hospital-approved information. And I figured I couldn't really do anything but believe everything she says, because even if she doesn't answer questions well, she's got a whole helluva lot more experience than I do.

Until she pronounced "pelvis" as "pelvix."

Not one time. All the times. In diagrams, during the slide show, in discussions, and using the visual aid. Pelvix, pelvix, pelvix."

Need we say more? Well, perhaps only this spoiler: There's a "cervic" to go along with the "pelvix".

No one tells a story like Kristy, and that's as true now as she embarks on this new path, as it ever was. That's why we're thrilled to name her BlogHer of the Week!

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