Bladder Infections Are More Resistant

4 years ago

Cary came in for an urgent visit. She was urinating every five minutes, felt that she had to go constantly, and yet there wasn't much urine that came out and it burned like fire when it did finally trickle out. She had experienced this before and called to come in right away. "I think I have another bladder infection," she said. "It just started last night and I didn't get any sleep."

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More and more people with bladder infections are finding that their antibiotic options to treat the bacteria causing symptoms in their urinary tract are becoming more limited. This trend started years ago and is becoming more worrisome now as more bacteria have developed resistance and instead of being eradicated are clinging to the bladder and multiplying.

Here are the signs of a bladder infection:

  • Burning with urination
  • Feeling that you have to go 2-5 times per hour
  • Feeling a sense of urgency, that you need to get to the bathroom quickly
  • Only urinating a small amount
  • Back pain, and
  • Possibly a fever, nausea and/or vomiting if the infection reaches the kidneys.

In women over 65 the symptoms can be quite different and may include:

  • Chills
  • Confusion
  • Pain with urination

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

If you're prone to bladder infections:

  • Do incorporate cranberry juice or dried cranberries into your diet. Cranberries contain muco-polysaccharides that help the bladder wall be more slippery so that bacteria can't hold on and multiply
  • Consider using Probiotics
  • If you're a woman over 50 consider using vaginal estrogen to help restore the health and pH of the vagina which helps decrease bladder infections, and
  • Try to urinate within 30 minutes of sex.

If you do have recurrent bladder infections, talk to your health care provider about your best options for staying healthy.

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