Be totally true to yourself

3 years ago

Everyone and I mean everyone has something about themselves that they hate. Yes, that person who is super confident and a great person has something to hide. But, only you can make you happy. You cannot depend on someone else. 

You have something you don't like, change it. Work on it. Talk to someone you trust for some advice. 

What do I hate about myself? My weight. My body image. What people see when they look at me. I've had 2 kids, so obviously my hips won't lie about that. But it's the sagging post pregnancy belly that bothers me. Its been 16 months since I've had my second daughter and I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere. I feel so uncomfortable in anything I wear. 

But complaining will do absolutely nothing! Except drag me down to be more upset about my flaws. So I must do something about it. 

Okay, now you have addressed your flaw. You have started to fix it as well as you can. A week goes by and you see no progress. Give it time. Rome wasn't built in a day. Give yourself time to change. Whether it be a personality problem, physical problem, etc. You have to give yourself time to change. You will not see a change instantly. You are always a work in progress til the day you die. 

To tell you the truth, you will never be happy with yourself, but you can accept yourself. There will always be that super confident woman or super skinny chick or buff guy. You will always compare yourself to them. Accept that your body, your mind is beautiful. Someone loves you for you. If they dint love you, they can go on out of your life. Someone who doesn't accept you for you, shouldn't be able to bring you down. My husband is my greatest supporter. He said himself, I could be 40 or 400 pounds and he will still love me. 

Find someone to be your supporter. Sometimes other people can lift your spirits and support you whole you fix the unhappiness. You are never alone. If anything, you have me! I have my flaws that I need to work on, but I am here to support you. Give you feedback. Or even make you feel better. 

Always remember, someone has it worse. In every aspect in life. 

- amy elaine <3


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