Baby Registry Must Haves!

4 years ago
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When I was pregnant I was OBSESSED with baby products! I researched every product a hundred times and wanted to make sure I bought everything that was the safest, best, etc. Maybe it’s just being a first time mom, but I soon realized most of these baby products would only be used for several months. I wanted to put together a list of our favorite baby products for Odette’s first year. So here it goes...

Bumbo: This was perfect when Odette was learning to sit. We used it for several months, but by about 6 months we had to put it away because she kept trying to get out of it. We did buy the tray but she was always pulling it off, so I could've skipped buying that.

Bouncer: This was perfect when she was really small and Odette loved the vibration, which usually put her right to sleep! This was great when I wanted to take a shower because she loved staring up at the birds and it usually entertained her for at least ten minutes.

Diaper Genie: Some people go without this but her room really does start to smell without it, so I would highly recommend getting a diaper genie!

Moses Basket: This was perfect when we brought her home from the hospital! She grew out of it super-FAST but I think it was still worth it.

Sleep Sheep: It’s just really cute and looked great with Odette’s room décor! But seriously, it has a rain sound that she loves and my husband and I have even joked that we need one too because we love the sound!

Skip Hop Infant Treetop Friends Gym: Odette loved this little gym when she was doing tummy time or just hanging out on her back. It even comes with a little tummy time pillow!

Infantino Flip Baby Carrier: Odette loved this! Every time she was super fussy I would just put her in this and she would calm right down. There are so many really expensive carriers out there but I think this one was just as good and only about $30. Plus, I only used this until she was about 6 months old because she was getting too heavy and it started to hurt my shoulders.

Crane Humidifier: This is great for really dry weather! I was actually shocked when I turned it on full blast one night and her room was dripping wet the next morning.

Eddie Bauer Car Seat and Stroller in Caitlin: We didn’t go all fancy with her car seat/stroller because realistically she didn’t use them very long. These two have held up quite nicely and have a really cute floral pattern without being overly girly.

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets: These are probably my favorite baby purchase ever! I got the organic bamboo ones in pink and they are seriously the softest thing ever. They are so easy to swaddle baby in as a newborn and they double as a great nursing cover as well. Hubby and I already have a plan to steal them when she’s older (haha)!

My Breast Friend: My husband always laughs about this one but it was seriously my breast friend while learning to breastfeed. In my opinion it is a lot less clunky than other nursing pillows and even has a little pouch on the side for your phone. I would highly recommend this to any mama trying to decide on which nursing pillow to choose!

My advice to any new mama would be DON’T GO OVERBOARD with the baby stuff! When I was pregnant someone told me you can always go back to the store and buy more stuff, and she was totally right. Sadly, we are already done using 90% of all of our baby stuff :( Just remember, everyone will have their opinion of what baby items you should choose. Ultimately, just choose whichever you feel most comfortable with!