Are you Afraid?

4 years ago

Fear is the number one reason people do not change eating or exercise habits. We fear change because it is hard. We will have to think about what we eat. When we will work out. Whether our family will support us. We fear failure if we attempt change, but not making changes means failure is bound to occur, it just won’t be immediate. Your body will fail over time and then you will think, why didn’t I make changes? Why didn’t I…?

So doesn’t it make sense to make changes? The trick is in knowing that change must be gradual. Nothing instantaneous. No overnight weight loss. No kick ass body in two weeks. No miraculous cure. Slow, reasonable change is what will make the difference in your health and body. Diets don’t work because they aren’t lasting and they really aren’t about change. They are about instantaneous results. Get it? Instant and Change do not go together!!!

79 million people are walking around with pre-diabetes and do not know they are a walking time bomb for Type II Diabetes. The symptoms in the pre stage are subtle to non-existent, but they are there waiting for the scale to be tipped into full blown Type II Diabetes. Will it take a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes for you to make changes? Or would it be better to right now say how can I start changing my habits. How can I take away my risk for Type II Diabetes? How can I change?

What change can you make today? What one little thing can you do for your health today? Start simple. Share your change!

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