Another Round of Zumba!

7 years ago
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Last week, I took the plunge and went for a free class of "Zumba".  I had heard that it was "all the rage" and was fun- the fun part is what appealed to my curiousity.  I have a long history of hating to exercise.  I avoid running at all costs.  If my house is burning, oh well!  It better burn slowly because I'm not runnin'.  Although I am a screamer, so expect me to be the gal walking through my house, flames all around... screaming that my house is burning. 

Anywho- I recruited a friend to meet me and I ventured to class.  Amidst the chaos of trying to move like a Latino Goddess performing all of the dance-inspired moves, and looking more like a chick trying to shake out a wedgie without using hands, I gave it my best shot and stuck it out another class.  For those who don't know much about Zumba, it is a mixture of dance moves, hip thrusts, and twisting that actually incorporates all of those exercise moves that your mom did when you were a kid.  The only move that is missing is that "picking grass" move that I remember my mom doing as she folded in half bouncing at different intervals (supposedly a stretch?).  I'm not saying it is easy, because unless you are severely coordinated, you will make a fool of yourself- if you see it that way.  What I mean is, the class is all women, so there is no need to feel self conscious.  I have had 3 classes and I already can tell a difference.  I actually look forward to exercising, and I have a total blast. 

Ladies, I encourage you to join a zumba class in your area.  Most classes are 45 minutes in length and fly by so quickly, yet you actually feel accomplished.