Am I from You?

3 years ago

Lord, Im 32 and you saved my life till now. you brought me through deep waters and I feel liberated by your love and grace. 

Lord, Im 32 and there's no one else who knows me better than You, Lord.

Lord, Im 32 and you know my struggles, You know my questions and I try to understand it, but I can't because Im the one looking at myself everyday.

Lord, Im 32,  You say at the beginning of your word, you created men to your likeness. 

Lord, I've asked you before. why me. and Im asking today Lord, why me? do you look like me?? without eyebrows?? why did you create me like this? why do I feel Im not made from you? Lord, Im 32 and sometimes struggles with low self esteem, because of how I look. Lord you know my insecurities. and you know what I do to snap out of it. Sometimes I kid myself that the two of us look alike and the rest with eye brows are not of you.

Lord, Im 32, Im coloring the small hairs with deyes again, but I know I look stupid. I going to cry in a moment, but there's only red lines where there's hairs supposed to be. 

Lord, Im 32, and sometimes think Im not worthy of your love to create me like this. 

Lord, Ive tried everything so that society would except me, to except me just the way I am. and sometimes Lord, I wish in my heart your church people would stop gossiping about how I look. 

Lord, If One day I'll see you, Me and Mona Lisa would look at you and the 3 of us would look at the world differently.

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