Accomplishments and Failures.

4 years ago

Yesterday and today were full of some

Let's talk about how yesterday was a complete failure for me. Because everyone fails and it's nice to read about someone who is also failing so you feel better. Sometimes.

I'm a junior in college and I stand by junior year being the hardest year in both high school and college. You can see the top of the hill and know that you're about to be gliding if only you can make it up and over said hill. Yeah. I've been SWAMPED with work since October. 

I still have an anthropology essay, a Spanish essay, and an international studies essay in between me and the end of classes. 

I'm not trying to think about though.

So anyways, this whole being-swamped thing has led me to procrastinate hardcore. Just on one class at a time though. So while I'm doing my work in my other classes, I'm always behind on the reading for one class.

This is code for yesterday I had an anthropology exam and went to bed on Wednesday night without having finished the reading. I actually went to bed at 3 am and woke up at 6 am to finish all the reading.

Other than my exhaustion, everything was fine. Until Global Studies. My professor held us over 5 minutes. This would not be a big deal if 1. I didn't have an Anthropology midterm the next class and 2. If this class was not located in a building 0.6 miles away. 

Yes, I downloaded a pedometer to see how far away the two buildings are and I swear it's over half a mile.

So on my half walk half sprint to my class to make it in time for my midterm, my ankle rolled and I went flying across the asphault. As did my poor iphone. Which now is cracked. In working order, but cracked. 

And my knee is very badly scraped up. As in deep. And bled all down my shin and my favorite jeans ripped and are now bloody. And the tops of BOTH my feet are scraped open. Cool.

I got up and had no choice but to continue hobbling to anthropology where I took my midterm (boo). 

At night I went to Target and these are my accomplishments/failures


1. Got a Christmas gift for my sister and one for my dad

2. Finally bought gummies

3. Finally remembered to buy Q tips

Failures (that aren't really failures, just a bump in my fitness road)

1. Bought white chocolate pepperment pretzel crisps (so good) but ate them all out of feeling bad for myself (bad) luckily it was single serving (or maybe 2 servings haha) so I didn't destroy my diet.

2. I also bought peanut butter chocolate muddie buddy chexmix. Oops. So good. So bad. Didn't eat it all though, just half. hahaha

I'm back on eating healthy today, when you slip up and eat unhealthy food don't berate yourself for it, just get back to eating healthy the next time you eat.

Also: one big accomplishment for today

I ran half a mile at 7.5 mph (4 minutes) whooo!! I'm working on getting to that 8 minute mile!

What do you do for yourself when you have a bad day? 

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