6 Tips to Detox Your Body, Naturally

3 years ago

Lately, there have been a craze of detoxing your body.  It is true our body builds up toxins but drinking a shake for a week won't solve your problems.  Many of the teas and shakes are filled with laxatives which clean you out but are not a sustainable way to flush the toxins out of your body. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is a great way to keep your body running at full capacity and they aren't hard changes to make. Here are few changes you can make to support a healthy life:


1. Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day.
The disposable plastic water bottles you buy at a supermarket such as Poland Spring are 16 oz, that equals 2 cups. If you don't use disposable water bottle, purchase a reusable water bottle that has the ounces marked on it. If you drink one cup an hour, it makes it a more manageable goal.

2. Yoga or Exercise
The new methods advertise that you don't have to workout in order to see a difference in your body.  That is advertising something that is quick and won't last long.  The only way to see a lasting changing is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Sweat those toxins out in a power yoga class, running or anything you enjoy.  There are also some yoga positions that 'squeeze' the toxins out of your organs.

3. Herbal Tea
The skinny teas I have seen are filled with laxatives. It is true that certain herbs will help you lose weight, curb cravings and cleanse your body, but choose the natural methods. I recommended Yogi Tea, it is an all natural brand and uses whole herbs to help your body.  I am currently drinking the detox tea which is super tasty.

4. Eat Well
Cut out the processed foods, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.  The more 'toxins' you put into your body the more your body is straining your organs and wearing yourself out. In the long term, tis kind of consumption can cause you to become chronically fatigued and lead to longer more complicated problems.

5. Sleep
Get your recommended hours of sleep. Turn off the TV, the next episode of Downton Abbey is not worth you not feeling well in the morning.

6. Mediation
Take a deep breathe and relax.  Put on some soothing music, close your eyes and forget about the rest of the world, even just for 15 minutes. Stress literally kills, so remove the emotional toxins in your body by meditating. Meditate on the promises that God has given you for today and that he tells you 'do not worry.' He has got everything handled.

I hope this helps you to detox your body not just for a week but live a lifestyle free of emotional, spiritual and physical toxins.

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