30-Day Fitness Challenge Day Seventeen: Two Days in a Row

8 years ago

Ouch. That was all I could say at the start of my run this morning. Yesterday morning I told myself that if I could get up and run under the conditions of too much food and drink and not enough sleep the night before, then I could get up and run under any conditions. So what choice did I have but to get up and run for the second day in a row. Consecutive running days is another feat I haven’t accomplished in several years.

My body didn’t like it at first. But the weather was surprisingly cool and damp and so my mind woke up quickly and dragged my body along. After the first hundred meters, when I had to jump over a drainage ditch to avoid a moto-taxi, my body woke up as well. You have to stay alert on these roads!

I ran my Mini Hill Loop. I didn’t want to run for as long a distance as I did yesterday. This is a short, but hilly, loop just around the corner from my house. It used to be a fun, rutted dirt road but it’s recently been primed for paving. It’s flat and it has gravel on it. We’ll see if paving actually occurs. (Lots of public works projects get started but never completed here.) The new conditions have their advantages, such as I’m less likely to twist my ankle. However, I have bad knees and the dirt roads around here have made it easier for me to run. My knees don’t like pavement.

When doing my second loop of the hill, I noticed myself pushing toward the crest. Hey! I haven’t felt like that in a long time. I also pushed myself on the flat part of the road before my house, at the finish, like I did yesterday. Where is this energy and strength coming from? On some level I think my body remembers what it was like to be a well-tuned athlete.

As great as running has felt the last two days, I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow. “Day off” actually means sleep until 8:00 instead of 5:45 and play tennis instead of go running. I think Sunday will be my true day of rest.


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