12 Reasons Why Motherhood Is Good for Your Looks

6 years ago

1. The blowouts/highlights/lowlights/anything-lights you regularly go for. So what if they're mostly an excuse to get of the house without the kids for a few hours?

2. Running after children brings a flush to your cheeks and burns countless calories. (Devouring what's left on their plates: not so much.)

(Photo Credit: Heido 73 from BlogHer's Own Your Beauty Flickr group)

3. Black yoga pants: highly flattering on every shape.

4. Ponytails are highly flattering, too. But bedhead works fine in a pinch.

5. Remember how you used to get naked and stand there critiquing your body in the mirror? HA! Who has the time to even think about cellulite?

6. The way your husband gazes at you so admiringly and goo-goo eyed. Or is it because he's sleep-deprived? Whatever.

7. Lavender burp cloths look really good on you.

8. Everyone will think you seem remarkably bright-eyed. That's because of the fourth basic necessity, after food, shelter and water: concealer. Thank you, cover-up gods.

9. The new pick-up lines in your life that will give you a surge of pride. You know, like, "Oooh, what kind of stroller is that?"

10. Not being able to shower daily makes your skin soft and silky and your hair extra moisturized. Also, studies show that the scent of spit-up is considered highly sexy among primates.

11. The day you realize that the curves you developed after childbirth make you ever so much more attractive than skinny runts like Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway. Or is that the sleep deprivation talking? Whatever ...

12. "Mommy, you are bee-yoo-tee-ful."

By Ellen Seidman. Original to OwnIt

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