An A-Z Guide of Forgotten Cocktails

3 years ago

By: W. Castellanos-Wolf

As a woman in her thirties I like to think that I have classic sensibilities. I like classic movies that care more about character development and plot rather than CGI effects. I gravitate towards a simple and classic style of dress and believe that stud pearl earrings can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. I like tradition, antiques, and items of nostalgia. My classic sensibilities come from the fact that I value craftsmanship and stories. So it was with great excitement that I came across an A-Z Guide of Forgotten Cocktails, which includes the recipes, dates and stories of origin.

classic cocktails

Browsing down the alphabet of libations with names like French 75, Gin Rickey and Harvey Wallbanger, made me imagine the celebrations, as well as the sorrows of yesteryear that these drinks accompanied. I wanted to make and try them all, an ambitious idea for a small framed woman with hardly any of the ingredients, nor the equipment to make proper cocktails. So what’s an ambitious woman in her thirties to do? Why, learn to set long term goals of course.

Craft cocktails bars that boast homemade syrups and quality liqueurs abound in Los Angeles. I can take my A-Z Guide on the go and work my way down the list and call it the Classic Cocktails Challenge of 2014, or the CCC for short. I can drink cocktails all around the city, document my experience and create a rating system. Or I could just use my guide as a reference whenever I am out and feel like a cocktail. It’s not that serious. 

(Though if anybody out there wants to sponsor the Classic Cocktail Challenge of 2014, I'm sure we can bring that sexy idea back... Just sayin'.)


Courtesy of Neomam Studios
Courtesy of Neomam Studios


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