Yardwine - it's a neighborly thing

5 years ago

Harkening back to the close knit neighborhoods of the mid-twentieth century, the book Yardwine - It's a Neighborly Thing suggests and encourages the sharing of wine and food with neighbors in a very spontaneous, open and welcoming way. Conceived by Cathy Larson and Nancy and Dan Roddy, Yardwine is a homegrown and simple way to connect with those who live nearby. Think of the Yardwine philosophy as friends we don't know we have until we meet them.

Yardwine is laid out in sections that explain the who, what when and where of Yardwine - and most important of all, the why. The book takes us from the beginning of Yardwine to the inevitable conclusion that the concept was so good, so positive, that it needed to be shared.

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Yardwine suggests that a front porch, a lawn, a stoop or a driveway are sufficient and in fact preferable to a sit-down dinner and all the work that entails. Just grab a bottle of wine - and for the Yardwine crowd, the age, vintage or price doesn't matter - and set up your lawn chairs. Sooner or later, someone will stroll by, and before you know it you'll have a Yardwine going on. A guest may run home to grab some cheese and crackers for a simple snack. Someone else may have some leftover cupcakes to contribute. Yardwine is a party that just grows naturally - in the yard, of course, where things are meant to grow, often without plan, when seeds blow in and nestle down in the soil. Yardwine should be organic and natural, and it's  a great way to get to know your neighbors - something many of us don't get much of a chance to do anymore.

A Yardwine  book would be a great or a hostess gift  or welcome gift for a new neighbor. Don't forget to grab a bottle of wine to give with it!

Take a look at Yardwine, and then give it a try yourself. You never know who you might meet.

yardwine, yardwine book, friends, neighbors, neighborly, community, rossmoor, los alamitos, midlife, empty nest
Cathy Larson and Nancy and Dan Roddy, enjoying Yardwine



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