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5 years ago
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I am so happy to tell you that a new Whole Foods Market has opened in my neighbourhood (Unionville)! For those of you whom are not familiar with Whole Foods, it is a grocery store that "sells the highest quality natural and organic products available.

As I entered through the front doors of the supermarket, I took a moment to admire the cute, hunter green, vintage truck parked right in front of the entrance. This little truck was

Vintage truck with winter vegetables Vintage truck with winter vegetables parked in front of Whole Foods
Pumpkins and squashes

filled with multi-coloured winter squashes. As I walked pass the truck, there were all kinds of organic fruits packed in wood containers in front of me and a wide array of vegetables neatly stacked to my left: beets, kale, Swiss chard, carrots, lettuce... The vegetables looked so fresh that I felt that my body was being detoxed as I walked pass the rainbow coloured winter vegetables.

The next thing that caught my attention was the seafood display. The seafood section was not big, but it was big enough to carry a satisfying selection of seafood, such as fresh oyster, scallops, salmon, tiger shrimps, clams and squid to name a few. The few minutes that I stood in front of the seafood bar made me think of a curry seafood dish that I wanted to try out after watching an episode from food network's restaurant takeover of an Indian restaurant. Since there was so much to explore in Whole Foods, I made my feet walk over to the meat section. Just as in other sections of the supermarket, the meat was so neatly stacked as though each piece was part of a big puzzle. The meat was so well handled, and well displayed that I could not even see a spec of slime on the trays!

I was so anxious to see what the rest of the supermarket looked like that I couldn't help but sprint passed the aisles of perishable foods, straight to the bread/ pastry section and the buffets. The sprint almost felt as though I was skipping through a well written novel just so I could get to the "happily ever after" faster.

The moment my eyes found the pastries, that was it, my eye balls did a quick scan of the pastry display, up and down, left to right and back to the center where my mouth involuntarily opened and ordered a box of dainty pastries containing a mini: lemon custard tart, cranberry chocolate ganache tart with crumble, raspberry chocolate ganache tart, chocolate cup cake and carrot cupcake. As soon as the baker handed over the box of

Pastries from the Whole Foods Market

pastry to me, I shifted myself quickly towards another sweet spot - where I stuffed an orange citrus, sugar brioche in a small paper bag and then eagerly lined up to pay for my items so I can tantalize my taste buds!

After I paid for my items, I sat at a table right next to the window and dug right into the brioche. When I sank my teeth into the brioche, I was surprised by the pleasant chewiness of the caramelized sugar and the sunny orange zest, it was a perfect combination with the dark roast Americano I ordered!

Orange citrus brioche Orange citrus brioche
Mia chilling out with mama at Whole Foods Mia chilling out with mama


The next tasting was the little two bite pastries that looked like they were pretty jewels in a little girl's jewellery box! I am not going to go over what each tart tasted like, I just want to

Mia chilling out with mama at Whole Foods Pastries from Whole Foods

share with you the experience of indulging in my favourite two: the mini carrot cup cake and the lemon custard tart. First of all, I am not a big carrot cup cake person, heck , I am not a big carrot person at all! I mean, who would put carrot in a dessert?! I know I know, there are tons of desserts out there with carrots in it but I guess it is just rare to see carrots in Chinese desserts...anyway, back to the story...so there, I had no idea what possessed me to pick up a mini carrot cup cake but boy, was I ever glad I did!

Mini carrot cupcake from Whole Foods Mini carrot cupcake from Whole Foods

The carrot cake had specs of warm spices that danced all over my tongue, it had pops of walnuts here and there, combined with the pleasant tanginess of the sour cream (i think) on top, it was just a perfect little two-bite heaven, absolutely irresistible! I didn't feel guilty at all eating it, look at the big strands of carrots packed in this tiny thing! Next on the agenda was the lemon custard tart. Instead of taking two bites of this lemon tart, I simply magnified the pleasure by popping the whole thing in my mouth at one go. Boy...the tart was a burst of sunshine in my mouth! The lemon flavour in this tart was so prominent that it brought me memories of strolling through the beautiful lemon groves during my trip to Italy's sun kissed Sorrento with my friend Sandy!

So yes, I know my last post was a bit if a downer, hope I made it up to you with this post :)

My next post will be on another great food experience I recently had at Whole Foods, so stay tuned!


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