What Do I Do With Those Easter Eggs?

5 years ago
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I know, I know. Everyone knows that the best, and most traditional, way to get rid of those colored Easter Eggs the day after Easter is to throw them at your neighbor's house because their Christmas lights are still up. But did you know you can actually eat them?

I received a nice call today from a gentleman pitching a story to me. While I get a lot of these calls ever since my name/contact info. was listed on some media thing years ago when I started blogging, this one made me stop and listen instead of politely hanging up. First, he was funny (Hint to all those PR folks out there! Have a personality!!) Second, and most importantly, he had a story that I was interested in: What to Do with Leftover Hardboiled Eggs.

According to the author, Jena Kehoe, you can take these eggs and make Thai-style eggs, Scotch eggs, and even add them to hashbrowns.

Now, while I'm not an idiot and know I can do these things with my eggs, it was a nice reminder to prepare for the upcoming onslaught of eggs. If I can grab the ingredients for my Thai-style eggs before Easter I'll be ready to make them soon after. Hell, why not use the eggs for Thai-style eggs at Easter dinner?

"Hey, Jimmy! Finish up the egg hunt so mommy can start cooking!"

Not a bad idea! Next year I'm cooking bunny for dinner!