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6 years ago

Here are the bento lunches I packed for my two boys this week:


First Grade Bento #414: January 31, 2010

Monday's bento for the six-year-old had green grapes, teriyaki tofu that was cut with cookie cutters and decorated with food markers, blueberries and a mini hamburger bun. This was packed in the Lego bento box (see my recent video showing this box here).


Toddler Bento #87: February 1, 2011

Augie's lunch on Tuesday was leftover orange chicken with chopped up bits of broccoli, carrot and zucchini. It was packed over a bed of rice along with some chopped grape tomatoes and some blueberries.

First Grader Bento #415: February 1, 2011

Wyatt's lunch/snack was packed in the Laptop Lunch box: grape tomatoes, broken pretzel sticks from the bottom of the bag, grapes, blueberries and a mini hamburger with a mini hamburger bun. The little yellow tub had catsup in it. The burger was an experiment that ended up going pretty well! I made the kids mini burgers for dinner on Monday night and there was one leftover so I asked Wyatt if he was willing to eat one cold for his lunch on Tuesday. He said he would, so I decided to give it a try. I expected to see only one bite out of it when I opened his lunch box after school, but he'd eaten everything in the box except the tomatoes. Cool!


Toddler Bento #88: February 2, 2011

On Wednesday, my toddler had more blueberries and grapes in his lunch, along with leftovers from dinner: peas, orzo with lemon and a little butter, and diced pork tenderloin.


1st Grade Bento #416: February 3, 2011

Wyatt had leftovers on Thursday too. We had turkey black bean tacos for dinner on Wednesday night, so I mixed a little cheese in with the meat and put it in his lunch box with some chips to scoop it up with. I rounded the lunch out with this week's ubiquitous green grapes and blueberries.


Toddler Bento #89: February 4, 2011

Friday's 1st grade lunch held a garlic chicken sausage (chopped into chunks and arranged in an OCD-fashion), grapes, pineapple chunks and a mini hamburger bun. I also put in a small container of snap peas for his morning snack which will be completely ignored and two bite sized cookies that will be eaten first thing.

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