Are Waffles the New Bacon?

6 years ago

Of course, waffles are no newer than bacon or pink anything else that's the Next. Big. Thing.

After all...Chaucer wrote of wooing a woman in The Canterbury Tales by way of waffles.

"He sent her sweetened wine and well-spiced ale
And waffles piping hot out of the fire,
And, she being town-bred, mead for her desire."
For some are won by means of money spent,

The poor man didn't manage to woo his love with waffles.

I could spin you a yarn, most of it true, about love and Waffle House, but today I speak of the waffle itself. You see, the waffle has made a comeback. From the savory waffles, like Herbed Waffles with Smoked Salmon, to the sweet waffles with banana splits served on top at some of the (shhh) Pancake Houses around here -- waffles are showing up all over.

Part of it is the spread of the Chicken and Waffles phenomenon. Like Red Velvet Cake and Whoopie Pies, some foods refuse to be held to the region they have called home for decades. I blame the Waffleizer and the interwebs. No wait! I celebrate the interwebs for sharing these foods with outsiders. Mostly. I do find it disconcerting to see a Whoopie Pie in the South, a Moon Pie and RC in Illinois and Red Velvet EVERYWHERE. One day there will be Red Velvet Whoopie Moon Pies with RC Frosting cupcakes served on a waffle with chicken and pig candy. That would be bad, on second thought maybe not.

In the meantime, grab that one-use appliance and make waffles. I recommend ham and cheese waffles, waffles with green pepper, mushroom, tomato and onion, or the classic pecan waffle. Pumpkin waffles also do well around this house, so if you have a can of pumpkin left from the holidays, use it up! While you're waffling, sing the song made popular in our house by the youngest child.

Gena Haskett recently ventured out and enjoyed not only a Nutella Waffle but a Waffle Dog.

NYC is looking for waffle vendors for their parks.

Waffles are ironing out Toronto or making waves. (or squares? nooks?)

Where are waffles showing up in your world? Do you have a favorite waffle restaurant? waffle recipe? waffle story?

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