Ultimate Guide For Producing Better Tasting Beer

7 months ago
Are you looking for the ultimate guide on producing better tasting beer? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Here, in this article, I’m going to discuss the entire brewing process for making better tasting beer.
First of all, you need four ingredients; Hops, Yeast, Malted Barley and Water. You can also use other ingredients as well as per your taste preferences. The brewing process started back hundreds, even thousands of years. However, the today’s technology is immensely different, but the truth is science remained the same. And I’m telling you the key is temperature control and patience. When it comes to beer, it’s about taking a break from the chaos. Let’s have a look at the process!
The first and the foremost step is preparing the brew grains for the mash. You have to crush the grains in order to expose barley seed’s starchy center. But don’t crush too much so that the grain hulls won’t get damaged. If you haven’t crushed the grains right, too little starch will be converted into fermented sugars. On the other hand, if the mill is too fine, it will result in a gummy unusable beer.
Now this is the step in which the milled grains are transferred to a big vessel known as the mash tan and mix it with hot water. The heat released from the hot water helps in activating the enzymes in the barley and that converts grain starches into sugars.
After doing the above process, you’ll get the thick sugary liquid also known as wort. The time when grains are used up in the mash ton, they’ll be eliminated via Lautering. It is the process of straining out all the wort from the grains while flushing extra water from above through the grain bed. The lautering procedure makes sure that all the fermentable sugars are taken out from the mash.
Now this sweet wort needs to get boiled for at least 2 hours. Boiling is quite an oldest procedure to make the liquid safe to drink. It helps to remove unwanted bacteria from the wort. Now you are ready to add the hops at this stage of the process. The quantity and amount of the hop actually depend on the style of beer you’re preparing.
After boiling, the mixture is all set to cool at room temperature. Here, the important thing is to cool the wort rapidly as it helps in reducing the presence of off-flavors. Once cooled, now you need to transfer the mixture into the fermenters and add the yeast. Now the organisms instantly start working to consume sugars, pushing out alcohol and CO2 along with several other compounds. Once the initial fermentation period is over, the beer is then inured to let the yeast absorb the left overs. It usually includes, butter, sulfur, or green apple. Now filter the beer in order remove the yeast and store it in a mini beer fridge for later use.
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